10th Planet Takes 2 Gold Metals At The Arnolds!


“Denny Prokopos, head instructor at 10th Planet San Francisco and 10thpjj mma fighter Meegan Thomas from 10th Planet Springfield MI both took the gold medals at the Arnolds this past weekend. Fuck yeah!

Seminars: Indy March 14, Pennsylvania March 21, Sweden March 28, Omaha April 4, NYC April 11, Victoria BC April 25, Bismark May 2, Laredo TX May 9, for all the details go to www.myspace.com/thetwister and click on the “upcoming seminars” photo album 🙂

Thank you all very much for the support!

oh, and who saw all the rubber action on Dream last weekend? Micah Miller and Imanari went to it constantly and Miller even wore tights :)”

  This is all from Eddie

6 responses to “10th Planet Takes 2 Gold Metals At The Arnolds!”

  1. Dave says:

    I would like Denny to write a guest column about how he managed to transport his samurai sword back to San Francisco on an airplane.

    They still give those as prizes at NAGA tourneys, right?

  2. RW Pegau says:

    Great job to you both! Any chance vids were taken? i would love to see some film!!!!

  3. Oh Meegan Thomas is training at 10th planet now? I know her from the former ProElite online community. 😀

    Congratulations to both of you!

  4. Baby Jesus says:

    Great job guys!!

  5. George W. Bush says: