Rener Gracie Using Rubber Guard

They disabled the embedding feature for this video, but I thought it was cool enough to link to it. Here’s Rener Gracie using mission control and a zombie at some Army Demo. It’s around 1:25 of the video. Will Rener be the next Rubber Guard stand out? He’s the best salesman in the game, what if he started pushing 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu?


15 Responses to “Rener Gracie Using Rubber Guard”

  1. everybody does the rubber guard!

  2. his gangsta lean is odd though.. he was trying to set it up that triangle every time in the mount.

  3. Brian R says:

    can we just talk about the EDM Arms Windrunner hes shooting… WITH OUT EYE PROTECTION!!!! ::tisk tisk::

  4. daniel says:

    and hes shooting towards the camera man,

  5. yoyo says:

    hey guys, i was just down in brazil in january and rolled with many black belts at gordo jiu jitsu and gracie barra and i can say one thing, brazilians don’t hate the rubber guard. They all use it, especially the black belts. and they are dam flexible and real good at it

  6. Rener Gracie says:

    Eddie stole the Rubber Guard from me.

  7. daniel says:

    YOYO, are the brazilians calling it rubberguard? are they even calling it anything? what rubberguard moves are they good at?

  8. Mike says:

    my friend from brazil knows abotu the rubber guard but he doesnt know who eddie bravo is.

  9. rubberguard83 says:

    lol. my teacher calls it “high guard” nothing more. ;[

  10. rubberguard83's instructor says:

    I am a jackass.

  11. The video is sick. Rener has top notch JJ. I’m not sure if he and Eddie are the same weight, but it would be awesome to see them roll some time.

    I can’t wait until the 10th planet online learning comes out, just like the Gracie system. :)

  12. Eddie Roberts says:

    Rener Gracie says:
    April 26, 2009 at 10:30 pm
    ” Eddie stole the Rubber Guard from me ”
    To Rener Gracie :

    liar ! it was you who stole the guard ruber … and many more tech also

  13. Sabu says:

    To Eddie Roberts:

    No he didnt. Stop hatin and keep rollin!