RGPD: The Banana Guard

18 Responses to “RGPD: The Banana Guard”

  1. Electric Chair/Stoner Control says:

    Hello, Electric Chair and Stoner Control here. Ignore this guy. He’s a thief.

  2. JayC says:

    What a loser, first he tells us how he loves Eddie Bravo, obviously aiming this at other 10th Planet fans, and then shows a move that he’s pretended to create from the same system.


  3. Aaron says:

    This guy is clearly a genius, why has noone ever thought of going for the electric chair WITHOUT the lockdown? completely brilliant! And pushing the hip to make them fall down is going to revolutionize mma… all i can say is: WHEN IS THIS GUYS DVD COMING OUT?!?

  4. BrianR says:

    Haha this guy makes me laugh… I actually saw this the other day on youtube and in the description he does say that he later realized that this was the electric chair from the 10th Planet System. So he’s not a total thief :/

  5. Lazy Jits says:

    When he found out he was reinventing the Electric Chair, he should have just deleted his video and moved to the inner regions of Siberia or West Virginia to hang his head in total embarrassment. What an ass.

  6. Scott Elkin says:

    Now I know where Eddie learned all his sick moves.

  7. Ian says:

    “Siberia or West Virginia”

    Now, THAT made me laugh!

  8. carlos says:

    hahahaha …. eddie u theif

  9. carlos says:

    I also wonder why eddie didn’t call his guard the macguard rather than the rubber guard. The reason behind this is behind normal bjj is like an original microsoft PC it has a bunch of glitches in it. But macs just work…. and they work a lot better and it is another type of computer. I dont know just a suggestion… VIVA THE MAC GUARD.

  10. Ian says:


    Dude, it’s early on Sunday. You shouldn’t be drinking so early..

  11. Royler Gracie says:

    NICE MAT!!

  12. Howard says:

    Rolling on the grass was the first indication that this was going to be bad. This is some backyard wrasslin’ – that dude should buy the DVDs and actually attend a seminar.

  13. MDEW10thplanet(541) says:

    This guy sounds like Ricky Bobby if he did rg. “I actually made up a guard. I actually call it the banana guard.” Awesome! LOL

  14. zunk1 says:

    you guys are haters this dude roll on pine cones, in his moms backyard this is gangster, this isn’t weho fruits!

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