RGPD: Transitioning From The Back To The Twister

“Pro MMA training and technique advice! Learn how to take the back and throw with a twister in this free online video covering mixed martial arts back attacks.”

Ok team, welcome to another installment for The Rubber Guard Police Department. Is this guy legit? Yes or no?

20 Responses to “RGPD: Transitioning From The Back To The Twister”

  1. Kimbo Slice says:

    I’ve seen a few of this guy’s videos. Actually pretty helpful. Seems legit to me.

  2. Kimbo Slice says:

    Needs to Lockdown his opponent’s leg though.

  3. Mdrnsamurai says:

    Does all that happen before or after I would have rolled back into Guard. Or perhaps after you reached over my body and turned into a reverse Judo? Nice Try. Train 10th Planet don’t try to fake it.

    Train Hard, Stay Safe,
    Good Luck

  4. Ian says:

    it’s seems like a good idea.. but!

    Getting that left arm initially? That sure looks damn hard against a breathing opponent.
    Then, getting that left arm behind your head while rolling over also looks very implausible; more workable than the initial ‘catch’ of the left arm, however..

    But (!!), you never know until you try. So, I guess we have to reserve judgement for the mats.

    I personally don’t think someone could get my left arm like that.. but, again, its worth trying..

  5. jn says:

    seems like what could be described as “a low percentage move.” Catching that left arm and pulling it back against a resisting opponent would be difficult, not to mention getting it behind your own head as you roll back.

  6. Marcus Anderson says:

    the leg hook will slip when u r sweaty then u lose the position. u must use the gravevine or u will be stuck in 1/2 guard. This is simular 2 the way i learned it b4 i started using 10th planet. it doesnt work as well. Like jn said “seems like what could be described as “a low percentage move.”

  7. Dan Hunt says:

    I agree about needing to lock the legs down, BUT, I have seen Jeff Glover hit this twister by grabbing straight for the arm. He did have the legs locked though.

  8. Lazy Jits says:

    This is the O.G. wrestling set up. It works in wrestling because your opponent will not roll to his back. In jits it’s a different story. One way to make this more effective is once you’ve thrown your hook in,if you grab the opposite ankle and break your opponent down on to his stomach, it becomes a little harder for him to roll to his back and gives you some time to fish for that opposite arm. All in all, not likely to happen with a guy who is properly turtled up, keeping his elbows and arms tight looking to roll to his back or reverse the position.

  9. Ari Bolden says:

    I think the question becomes “why would you establish the leg ride and then switch to getting your hooks in and then go back to getting the leg ride.”

    Getting the twister from the turtle position is the easiest of all the set ups (easier than getting it from TSC). This is a classic wreslter’s set up and Eddie includes them in his system (and books) because of their importance and how often they come up.

    I always grab the leg (de souza) to roll back because I need to take away their base. When I reach up for that arm (like in the video) I PERSONALLY have trouble pulling someone over because I am dividing my energy and power. If I want to get someone over, I commit all my upper body to their lower body legs. I need to take out what is keeping them up. Once they are over on their back, I then work on getting the snatch, baseball bat control and such.

    Eddie told me once “don’t get greedy” meaning, don’t try to set up any submission without first having your opponent secure. Position before submission basically.

    But hell-I am wrong a lot anyways….

  10. Angry Ari Fan says:

    Well Ari, you were certainly wrong about telling everyone on YouTube that the 10thPJJ website will be launching in FEBRUARY. It is now the end of APRIL. Where is it, Ari????? Where is it????!!!! You lie!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting all this time………………


  11. Maybe says:

    Feb 2010???

  12. CNAM says:

    like ari says, keep it secure. no baseball bat, no leg control, no grapevine in this. I don’t want to sound dicky but the people who said this is a pretty good idea? try this exact routine out rolling.. he’ll roll. without lockdown, youre in trouble of twister reverse. And the other day I was learning some leg riding techniques from some wrestlers, and throwing that their foot between my legs when im turtled isn’t very easy.. so use the outside leg to hook first.

  13. Ari Bolden says:

    Laugh…be angry at me..that is ok…everyone else is ;-)

    At the time, that was the proposed date of launch and I was just reporting what I heard. I am not in charge of the website but I have an idea when it will actually go live this time but I fear not say anything just in case it doesn’t.

    The site is going to be absolutely fantastic…trust me. Eddie wanted more videos for the site before it launched and the back end (data base, private messaging center etc) all has to be air tight for the amount of traffic it will get.

    Don’t worry, you can bitch in the official 10th Planet forum when that goes live as well. Now…shut up and train ;-) and stop worrying about the site…

  14. greg from the future says:

    aoki vs fedor april 29th!

  15. Kimbo Slice says:


  16. Twist 1 Up says:

    the comments on this site are just the best….i get stonned and read these comments and just enjoy my work a little more.

  17. sherdoggery says:

    Ari has no idea what he’s talking about, his black belt did not come from a vision quest, where he was forced to swim upstream through the amazon river and slay an anaconda with his bare hands, therefore everything he says or does is irrelevant at best and insulting to the rest of us at worst!

  18. Stupid Guy says:

    I heard Ari feeds on the souls of newborn infants.

  19. Scott Elkin says:

    Every time “about” is pronounced “aboot” Ari grows stronger