10th Planet Korea

I don’t have the story behind these photos, but our boys at Team Tackle Choi Mu Bae and Baik representing 10th Planet big time in Korea.
korea 2korea 1

11 Responses to “10th Planet Korea”

  1. 10th planet kolea says:

    Thanks Eddie fol the lubel guald

  2. Dave says:

    Alder is playing some kind of elaborate experimental joke here. First he posts a random blurb about a 10th Planet member, with no companion photographs. Then, the next day, he posts a photograph of a 10th Planet member with no companion story.

    I get it, Alder. Very meta. Bravo.

  3. Some Guy says:

    How about 10th Planet North Korea?

  4. Kwon says:

    Hi I’m meber of TeamTackle, 10th planet Korea’s Blue belt, Student of baik

    first photo is after Yang hae-joon vs Joaquim Ferreira fight.

    second photo is after Nam Ui-Cheol vs Hacran Dias fight.

    our fighers use 10th planet technic

    Thanks 10th planet ~


  5. Kung pao chicken says:

    Great job!!

  6. JayC says:

    Nice work Nam Ui Cheol!

  7. Jesus Christ says:

    Thanks for the link. Pretty effective use of the RG I’d say. Great job.

  8. Howard says:

    Nice strikes with the crack head control. That gogo was soooo close at the end of the first round!!!

  9. dwight roux says:

    Very good job, looks like he is all about the system. Should keep the back when you get it though. Otherwise you the man.

  10. Howard says:

    Eddie Kim-Ura should join team Tackle.

  11. Can anyone tell me where the 10 Planet instructor in Korea went because he no longer teaches at Team TAckle.