Alder’s Vancouver Seminar Canceled This Weekend

Due to bureaucratic red tape, the mounties are going to deny my access into their country. It seems to be a paperwork issue, that, if I had known would have been a problem, I would have easily handled prior to wasting my time flying up here and sitting in customs for hours and hours. It would seem they’re very strict here on letting people into the country. I watched them deny access to a whole slew of people. My sincere apologies to everybody that was going to come out and support. I’ll be back soon.

I did however get a chance to hang out with Dan and Nabil from 10th Planet Vancouver for a few hours. I was granted a “day pass.” We grabbed some delicious food and then went and checked out the 10th Planet Vancouver Gym. It’s a great facility.

From what I saw, Vancouver is a lovely city. I can’t wait to come back. The women are beautiful up here. From the customs officers, to the waitresses at the restaurant, even the girl that served us Egg Mcmuffins at McDonalds this morning was cute. It must be something in the water or clean air.

17 responses to “Alder’s Vancouver Seminar Canceled This Weekend”

  1. Erik Wahlberg says:

    What that really sucks. Sorry, man.

    LOL on the southpark song.

  2. Ian says:

    They’re just still angry @ Bush..

    Time heals all wounds. :o)

  3. Some Guy says:

    Man, if you had a Day Pass, you should have just stayed there for the entire duration of the seminar. How are they gonna know?

    And nobody checks when you LEAVE the territory. Just walk across the bridge to Washington.

  4. Regeye the Jedi says:

    Damn that sucks!!! Same thing happened to my friends in Australia…got held in holding for 24 hours and got sent straight back….atleast you got a day pass…

  5. Alder Hampel says:

    I couldn’t leave without the passport they confiscated. They were going to put a warrant out for my arrest if i wasn’t back at the airport by 9am. It was kinda brutal over something very petty. I got escorted to the terminal, and I’m being watched my officers to make sure I board the plane. I guess I could understand if i was a violent felon or something, but jeeeez.

  6. Ian says:

    You should complain to you rep — for a better tomorrow, yo..

  7. Some Guy says:

    Well, if the cops give you trouble, you can use your 10thPJJ skills. What’s the problem? You are no Jason Bourne…

  8. Tux says:

    The mounties fear the mystical magic that is 10th Planet!

  9. Taylor Lang says:

    Obviously they were gi lover’s and were hating on 10PJJ 🙂

  10. b-town says:

    You were too much man for them alder. Plus you probably smelled like booze and half asian floozys so they were afraid youd knock up all their daughters.

  11. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Do you think maybe it was your t-shirt?

  12. Richard B says:

    A few decades ago here in Canada our government came up with an employment program for small minded, petty, mean spirited Canadians that couldn’t find work, they called it “Canada Customs” and we’ve been faithfully served by A-holes on the border and in airports ever since.
    Hopefully we’ll get you up here again in the near future, even if it means smuggling you through a reservation on the border or something crazy 😉

  13. Ian says:

    Just make sure you raise hell with your representative..

  14. Jake says:

    You cannot let them on that you are teaching a seminar, especially without their permission (ie. you are not getting taxed on your income). One of the problems with advertising to the world on the web. Same thing happened to John Will two weeks ago.
    I have taught and attended seminars all over Canada, and if they get wind of you “making” money without their permission… its over.
    Sorry to hear about that bro.

  15. Lazy Jits says:

    The Canadians are sick of all the Americans crossing the border to get health care so they’re cracking down…

  16. Fruity Guy says:

    “The women are beautiful up here. From the customs officers, to the waitresses at the restaurant, even the girl that served us Egg Mcmuffins at McDonalds this morning was cute.” – ALDER

    Heeeeey, Alder! Does this mean you’re not interested in “rolling” with me? See you at Faultline!