Joe Rogan and Coach Alder @ Tuff N Uff

14 Responses to “Joe Rogan and Coach Alder @ Tuff N Uff”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    More importantly…….Nice Shirt!

  2. Chris Urbanski says:

    Hell yeah!

  3. Howard says:

    Me likes! The best part was blasting the second video at Coral Cafe. Classic.

  4. WMMA CEO says:

    Listen up you sexist pigs. The WMMA is throwing a WUCF (Woman Ultimate Cat Fight) next week at the old Linens and Things in Gardena.

  5. Samo Girl says:

    Thanks for posting up my fight guys. They call me the Brock of the Woman’s division. I would like to learn some 10th Planet moves like Rubber guard and stuff. I’m just not that flexible. Glad you enjoyed the fight. And I’m not a gorilla I’m mostly WOMAN!!!

  6. Dave says:

    Let’s get Samo Girl out to LA and have Ralf train her.

  7. Some Guy says:

    HAhAAHaHAHAhAha Joe Rogan you stupid douche.

  8. alder says:

    I’ve seen Moa fight a few times now, I’m super impressed. Anytime you wanna learn 10th Planet, give us a hollar.

  9. Fruity Guy says:

    Hi Alder, I don’t want to learn 10th Planet but I want to give you a holler. See you at Faultline.

  10. Samo Girl says:

    I heard ladies train for free this month so since I’m mostly woman I’m there.

  11. alder says:

    Nice come on through!

  12. Fruity Guy says:

    I would like to “train” with Alder. Roll around on the mats with him a little. Get all sweaty. Maybe we can go to Faultline afterward. Hi, Alder! Holler!!!!

  13. b-town says:

    hahaha i can totally hear you cracking up while joe is talking about the homo guys alder.