RGPD: 10th Planet Twist Back Plan B Combo Triple Threat Combat Sports

Rate his teaching. Legit?

“Kevin Green (owner of Triple Threat Combat Sports in Bear Delaware – www.ttcombatsports.com) teaches Twist Back Plan B Combo from the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsus system developed by Eddie Bravo.”

14 Responses to “RGPD: 10th Planet Twist Back Plan B Combo Triple Threat Combat Sports”

  1. Howard says:

    One detail. For me Ankle to Ankle heel to Butt works better than planting your foot. Sometimes when you plant your foot your opponent can just reset back into your lockdown.

  2. Chris Herzog says:

    Also needs to pinch the elbow down to trap the whizzer.

  3. I would also warn people that the torque on the leg can tear the miniscus in the knee so that if they are ever in this position from the top they should give up the sweep instead of fighting it and risking injury.

  4. Noah says:

    that is not Twist Back thats actually the Godfather.
    in order for it to be Twist back he needs to sneak his right foot to the outside of the opponents knee and hook it.

    easy mistake to make.

  5. Debacle says:

    Yup, without pinchin the elbow he would pull out and post. Then he could use a capoeira pass to avoid the torque on the knee. If I cant pinch it tight enough ill snake my arm in and grab his whizzer then pinch.

    I also like to block his knee with my nonhooking foot, so he cant shoot his hips through to scarf should he elevate them. Always train for the best.

    Not bad. He would eventually learn these points as his students got better and the sweeps percentages started to plummet.

  6. Jerhomo says:

    RGPD sucks. They had an impostor in their midst and had no idea.

  7. Kimbo Gracie says:

    fade to white

  8. Brandon Quick says:

    No legit… Hahahahaha

  9. kmg says:

    Appreciate the comments…I am goin thru the affilitation process and Eddie Bravo looks at these vids and approves them. This is the twist back plan b combo. But thanks again for the notes. So, yes its legit.

  10. kmg says:

    Noah. Twist back plan b combo, not twist back…different move, as is the godfather. Also have a post for that…check it out. Godfather is used when u can’t get double unders, twist back plan b combo has the same leg tourqe but is from the whipped up position. Common mistake.

  11. kmg says:

    And understand, the vids r for my certification. I have to keep them under 5 min, all the details are taught in class :) by the numbers, with trouble shooting, etc. Not every move works the same for each and every body type or on each and every body type, so major muscle movements first, then when they have the move down, we trouble shoot, tweek and talk about how an opponent will react and attempt to counter etc..chaining, transitions from that move, etc, etc..

  12. Noah says:

    my bad you are correct. i am still learning the finer points myself.
    have been on the certificaton path myself for a little while now.
    keep up the good work and kudos on the positive attitude.

  13. kmg says:

    Thanks bro, no worries..good luck with your cert.

  14. kmg says:

    Hey Noah..on the 25th of Aug we got our cert from Eddie..10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Bear Delaware is official. How goes things with you? Getting some X guard vids ready too.