10th Planet Seminar w/ Scott “Dumpy Drawlz” Epstein, Florham Park, NJ 9-12-09


14 responses to “10th Planet Seminar w/ Scott “Dumpy Drawlz” Epstein, Florham Park, NJ 9-12-09”

  1. Im from NJ, but I am heading up to CT to go to Eddie’s Seminar, otherwise I would be there.

  2. Matthew says:

    And here I was thinking you were the wolfman in disguise. Say what you will, but you gotta give him credit for trying to make the sleeveless blue gi go mainstream. Streetfighter jiu jitsu, anyone?

  3. Wait, I don’t understand, were you talking to me? You thought I was wolfman? Who is wolfman? Who wears a sleeveless blue gi? What is street fighter jiu jitsu? Will any of these questions be answered? Tune in next week…. same Bat time, same Bat channel!!!

  4. epstein says:

    10th planet hartford..that is a BIG no no. take your post down or edit it..

  5. Matthew says:

    Einstein will be forced to give you a lemon juice and spam enema if you do not comply.

    THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdANxX6j20E is the wolfman

    Ken and Ryu wear sleeveless Gi’s.

  6. Kimbo Slice says:

    Hey “Third Place” Epstein, how would you even delete or edit your post on this message board???

  7. epstein says:

    hey “no place” kimbo ,i can hardly spell my name you think i know how to edit on here. and its “third place” with a torn meniscus and four months off the mat and 1 week to train.

  8. Kimbo Slice says:

    “Excuses” Epstein.

  9. epstein says:

    is that what that was? ill send you the medical bills.

  10. Kimbo Slice says:

    “No Insurance” Epstein.

  11. epstein says:

    ppo 40.. im stuck with 40%.. no wait your stuck with it.. 40 is the magic # they also removed 40% of my shredded meniscus..

  12. Kimbo Slice says:

    “Get Well Soon” Epstein.

  13. Alder Hampel says:

    “Gofukyaselfsoon” Epstoodge