Brandon Quick Up To His Old Tricks

Hundreds of these flyers were put up at a texas tourney last weekend promoting Brandon’s seminar. A friend of Eddie’s in Texas sent over the pic. For those who don’t know, Brandon Was relieved of his 10th Planet association when it came to light he was in fact a fraudulent brown belt and a liar.

Brandon at it again

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  1. Mr Myagi says:

    Let’s have a clearer statement from Eddie on Brandon. I know he put out the statement saying he didn’t know or check properly but it implied that they were going to work things out. Now there’s a lot of stuff on forums and blogs etc but to be fair that’s usually a lot of rubbish because everyone inserts their opinion.
    So was Brandon banished or did he leave?
    He seems to be pretty good so was he stitched up too or has he been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes once he found out he was duped?
    I was going to get the fade to black dvd but im unsure now as it seems that brandon is a fake.
    Let’s have a statement please.

    And all the teeny bopers don’t ruin this post by doing the whole Brandon must die and all that immature bs y’all love to post. Let the grown ups have a conversation please :-)

  2. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Oh boy this is going to be a long thread. I’ll stay out of it this time.

    I will answer Myagi, though, and say that I pruchased the DVD before the shit hit teh fan. It was useful for me and I pulled off a couple submissions and escapes straight out of the video. Brandon is not a brown belt, apparently, but he’s not a know-nothing either.

    I don’t think the DVD is for sell anymore, btw.

  3. Actually I just saw the DVD for sale on Amazon. I was thinking of getting it as well.

    There are some questions I have about this situation. It says in the picture in the flyer above that Brandon is a Brown Belt under Eddie. Did Eddie give him his brown belt? If so, that’s not something you can exactly “take away” is it?

    I was under the impression that Brandon was a Brown Belt under a guy who was a fraudulent Black Belt. I thought I read that somewhere. Sounded to me like Bradon was a victim of circumstance, because he was training under someone who he thought was a legit Black Belt.

    Regardless, the guy still has to make a living, although I think it is probably bad form for him to use Eddie’s name.

  4. Gabriel Shapiro says:

    Time to sue over infringement of intellectual property rights. Let me know if you need a reference.

  5. Rod says:

    Brandon may not be a brown belt but, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the system. This whole hate Brandon thing has gotten out of control. Did the dude lie? I wasn’t there so I don’t know. My “guess” is yes. However, does Brandon know the system pretty well. My “guess” is yes. How important is rank. That belt only covers 2 inches or your ass and you are responcilbe for coving the rest. You mean to tell tell me that only certified “Black” belts in jiu-jitsu are tappin fools. There have been lots of submission grapplers in NAGA for a long time tappin fools. You either know your shit or you dont…

  6. Rod says:

    I do want to say that it’s wrong to represent yourself as anything other than what you are. If that’s what happened, then that’s what happened. I don’t condone that shit. Now that it seems Brandon doesn’t have a “Brown” belt everybody talks like they weren’t watchin his shit on youtube. Now the belt is gone and people are trippin like he doesn’t know the system. Belt or no belt the dude knows his shit. I don’t know the dude or Eddie but, let’s keep it real. The system is what it is. Hell, Eddie has put out just as much info as anybody else in jiu-jitsu and people can learn his system. He’s gonna let people distance test through his website. No offense to anyone but stop trippin.

  7. Paul says:

    It was Brandon’s lack of skill that got his belt called into question in the first place!

    if he were good and a fraud nobody probably ever would have found out since Eddie accepted it, but there were video’s of him getting owned with white belt level BJJ in Naga of all tournaments.

  8. Rod says:

    That still doesn’t mean that his explainations and interp of the system wasn’t good. If belts represented ability then people would have to give them back as they aged and lost their physical ability.

  9. Ian says:

    Does anyone know for sure if it was Brandon himself distributing the flyers, or some shady promoter that just brought down more troubles for Quick?

  10. niceguy says:

    I have met brandon 2 times one time he was telling me what a big deal he was and the next time he was being a piss poor coach and screaming his head off saying the other guy wasn’t shit. I have always thought 10th planet was full of nice and humble down to earth people. Someone who talks about being special forces rarely ever is. If everybody in the army is special forces who cleans the shitter. I purchased the dvd and some of the stuff is great but I don’t believe it is his stuff. I’ve seen alot of it in marcelo’s dvd and different 10th planet seminars. You cannot lie to become a great leader or great coach. I think that he is a fake in all parts of his life and that’s why he is not with them anymore…

  11. fraudon quick says:

    “Brandon Quick is a renowned brown belt under Eddie Bravo…” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Dan Hunt says:

    Brandon didn’t make those flyers, nor did he distribute them, nor did he mislead the guys running the seminar about his situation. They are responsible for the design and distribution of that flyer.

  13. Alder Hampel says:

    Uh oh! “Contact Cam at” Immediately =)

  14. Ian says:

    Dan, how do you know that with certainty?


  15. Jesus Christ says:

    Sue his ass.

  16. Howard says:

    If G.S is on the case Quick is F’d.

  17. Alder Hampel says:

    Gabriel Shapiro: Jiu Jitsu Stud, and Action-Attorney!

  18. Scott Elkin says:

    Don’t believe everything you read. If you do, you should also attend the Scott “Poopie Pants” Epstein seminar.

  19. I was informed of this thread by a friend.
    I still conduct seminars all over and none are promoted 10th Planet.
    After all of this crap the last thing on earth I would do is advertise myself as an Eddie brown belt or lay claim to anything 10th Planet.

    To squash all the he-said she-said drama and internet nazis I will contact the gym and tell them to change the advertising. Nothing can be done for the ones that were passed out though:)

  20. Ian says:

    “After all of this crap the last thing on earth I would do is advertise myself as an Eddie brown belt or lay claim to anything 10th Planet.”

    This screams of common sense.. (no sarcasm, for real!)

  21. Ian says:

    ^^ But then again, I have seen crazier shit..

    anyways, good luck, quick.

  22. Eddie Bravo's Inner Thoughts says:

    Huh?!?!? Curse you, Quick!!! Leave this message board and don’t ever come back!

  23. M-Tri says:

    anyone else find it funny that this is the SAME DAY as Eddie’s seminar in DALLAS!!!

    looks like a good ol’ fashion texas showdown.

    wild west Style.

    Eddie shoots from the hip… or sits to buttscoot. depends on who he’s taking 10 paces from.

  24. kyle says:

    brandon quick, “deserving” rank or not, still is/was easily the best at making videos and addressing technical details. there are people who are better at being competitive such as Denny Prokopos, people who are better at organizing/marketing such as Ari (thanks a ton for the Sambo stuff you put up btw!)

    but at the end of the day Brandon’s explanations of the twister/truck and of the myriad chokes from sprawl control have been the most helpful for me in terms of converting time in front of the computer to time having success on the mat