Congrats To 10th Planet Stand Out, Sean “Double Bagger” Bollinger

Congratulations to Sean Bollinger on his second amateur MMA win. After submitting his opponent with an armbar from the mount, he now moves to a record of 2-0. The event took place in Las Vegas at Tuff-N-Uff this past weekend. I see big things in this young man’s future.


18 responses to “Congrats To 10th Planet Stand Out, Sean “Double Bagger” Bollinger”

  1. Kimbo Slice says:

    video or GTFO

  2. Samuel Zavala says:

    Congratulations Coach Sean!!!! Sean Bollinger son!!!!!

  3. Joseph Connolly says:

    Oh, come on. We all know those 10th planet guys can’t fight. Isn’t that what they’ve been saying? Congrats.

  4. Howard says:

    Nice! Congrat Sean! Armbar from Mount is sick! It’s also really hard to pull off in UFC Undisputed 2009 on the Xbox. Gotta mount then press then in the R stick. To do it in real life and in an MMA fight that’s just awesome!

  5. bennyblancofromdabronx says:

    Congrats Sean!

  6. PeteMonster says:

    Great job Sean, also nice look to the 10th Planet Riverside website.

  7. Congrats on the win Sean. Let us know when we can see video.


  8. Blackwater Surprise says:

    Nice, Nice

  9. Jason E. says:

    Sean’s my dude! Hell to the fuck yeah okay son!? Congrats Sean!

  10. matt grocki says:

    WHat weight/?

  11. congratulations! a video of the fight would really be nice 🙂

  12. paul says:

    Video can be seen at IBNSPORTS.COM

  13. JMW says:

    congrats, its time for more high level jiu jitsu in mma

  14. Some Guy says:

    WTF? Bollinger’s jiu-jitsu is high-level, but I think you’re forgetting that he’s a Brown Belt. There are plenty of Black Belts in MMA…so what do you mean “its time for more high level jiu jitsu in mma”?

  15. JMW says:

    thats why I said more there are some high level guys mabey I should have said effective i.e. Frank Mir Damian Maia the Diaz brothers belt level is irrelevant Frank Mir was tapping guys in the ufc before he had a black belt it just seems to me like Im seeing less subs in mma

  16. @paul
    where exactly? can’t find it