RGPD: Rate My Rubber Guard Front Yard Edition.

Legit or not? YOU be the judge.

26 Responses to “RGPD: Rate My Rubber Guard Front Yard Edition.”

  1. Racist Guy says:

    Haha, negros are funny.

  2. poopy says:

    better they do ghetto bjj in the front yard than pro wrestling in the backyard? i almost feel sorry for them. can we all chip in and buy them some bjj lessons? please?

  3. Ian says:


    Look, I am very serious when I say I want my 7 minutes back!!

    Oh, and by the accents in the background they obviously live in the burbs, not the ghetto.

  4. Wolverine says:

    Hey Coach, could you put up my latest video, I want to know what everyone thinks of my teaching and if I have proper knowledge of the system. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVUhe5DM4ls
    Thanks, Wolverine

  5. Regiyah says:

    Its interesting the amount of JJ you can learn from a video game.

    Sad thing for them is that I could probably ball em up too.

  6. epstein says:

    that was kevin casey talking in the back

  7. Dave B says:


  8. MT Shawn says:

    GANGSTA! Come on guys, don’t talk so much shit. We all sucked at one point and played tap out with our friends too. At least their trying!!!

  9. Shonie Carter says:

    These guys are definitely legit. At 1:10 he is clearly going into mission control, and at 6:35 he even transitions into the truck. LMAO!

  10. Some Guy says:

    These are definitely legit. Just like Kimbo Slice.

  11. sky says:

    seems legit to me… i mean, even eddie can’t roll in Jordan Hightops.

  12. Michael Richards says:

    Here’s the proof that crack head control doesn’t really control crack heads.

  13. poopy says:

    as a youth my cousins and i used to play a game called samurai where we’d go into a room in their house, close the doors, turn off the lights, and wail on each other. i’m pretty sure that was rubber guard.

  14. Michael Richards II says:

    Am I the only one wondering why neither transitioned to gangsta lean?

  15. This was the most awful video I have ever watched, and at the same time I was entertained.

  16. Jesus Christ says:

    I think poopy’s homosexual cousins played a mean prank on him when he was younger…


  17. Another Guy says:

    Guys grow the fcuk up!!
    These guys are obviously trying to work BJJ and for you lot to dis them like that is pathetic. You all looked like that or worse when you started BJJ.

    The first comment is neanderthal!!

  18. Some Guy says:

    The last comment is Homo Habilis.

    By the way, I didn’t look like that when I started BJJ…speak for yourself.

  19. Another Guy says:

    No that’s right Some guy you looked awesome!!
    Sorry I fell out of yr bullshit adolescent world there for a minute….

  20. Some Guy says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you represented the entire world. Who am I to argue with the world representative? Yes, please speak on behalf of all of us…because you were totally there to see us all train.

    Who’s full of bullshit now? Dumbass. And stop trying to mimic my name.

  21. Another Guy says:

    Grow up!!

  22. Nick Ateen says:

    Y’all are a bunch of homo erectus’s!!! These niggas be playin undisputed and shit.

  23. MT Shawn says:

    That’s right nick, don’t blame the kids, blame THQ for making their submission features on their game undisputably shitty. Just wait, when EA comes out with their new game hoodlums around the nation are going to bring the front yard jits to a whole new level!!!

  24. Duda says:

    yr a bunch of homophobic racist pricks!!

  25. Omega713 says:

    i have never been to a bjj lesson and i have never looked this bad