RGPD: The Shwells Choke

Is it legit or do we throw them in with the pit vipers?

“I do not pretend to be an expert on the rubber guard or anything Jiu-Jitsu. This was taken the same night that we “discovered” the counter. (no, we don’t train at Matt’s house – We didn’t have a camera with us at the college). Also, I don’t know if anybody else has ever done this / discovered this before us, I have just never seen it before and thought is was worth sharing. One last thing: I know that I have a crappy Kung Fu move! I’m sorry, I’m working on it. I said I wasn’t an expert.”

45 Responses to “RGPD: The Shwells Choke”

  1. That’s pretty slick. Has anyone else used that move before? Does it have a name?

  2. this move works really well. ive used it many many times against far larger opponents, and works well off of the kungfu move, gogo defense and double bagger. the way i do this move is slightly different from how these guys do it. i would set it up straight off the kungfu move (like how bollinger does it in his video of the straight jacket), going into the choke in one motion (leaving my arm to go over the choking leg rather than under). The only difference, is that it is smoother and faster, but you have to make an effort to drive the elbow of your arm (the choking arm) towards your hip to ensure that it is firmly on the corroded artery and choking the opponent.

  3. Erik Wahlberg says:

    I love the gogoplata so I’ll be trying this out. Thanks for the post.

  4. Jean Marc,

    I was thinking that you could go to it straight off the kung fu move. Good call.


  5. Ian says:

    Looks legit. But the proof is in the pudding.. :0)

  6. New Zealand says:

    Horrible Gable grip for an instructor …

  7. Lazy Jits says:

    I hope I don’t have a corroded artery…

  8. New Zealand says:

    yeah leaking blood due to a corroded artery would be pretty bad :p

  9. haha, my bad, i mean carotid artery, ; )

  10. Jesus Christ says:

    I actually like the concept/idea of this choke! Eddie should really consider this technique. Glad to see a fan of the system pitching a simple and realistic technique for a change…unlike that “Wolverine” guy with all his ridiculous “techniques.”

    HAHA. Burn.

    By the way, that’s NOT Gable Grip.

  11. I’m new to the site, so I’m not sure who the Wolverine guy is. Can someone link me?

  12. A guy says:

    wolverine may have some stuff that looks like it can’t be done, but if you put in the reps in his techniques, and perfect them to a certain point, many of his techniques are definately do – able. Ive pulled off various puppet master paths while rolling numerous amounts of times, so keep your mind open and dont hate

  13. drugs says:

    Wolverine 4 life

    it’s all about the master lock mofos

  14. Dave says:

    Yeah and not only that, Jeff is a cool and humble guy. Let’s ease up.

  15. Erik says:

    The move here is fine and all, but I don’t get why you would do it. It just complicates things. If someone presses on my foot, it’s all too easy to grip their wrist and move it off the foot a la the Locoplata (seen here: http://www.jiu-jitsu.net/interviews/bravo/eddie2.jpg)

    IMO all “advanced” rubber guard techniques complicate things too much.

  16. 10th planet guy says:

    this move doesnt “complicate” it at all. its just another option, which in my opinion works far better than the locoplata. plus, this move, is in some ways easier to pull of than the regular gogo, and is about 100 times harder to escape. in my opinion, its a far easier option to transition to, as it is easier to transition to and easier to finish with, making it a completely viable option, and in my opinion, easier than the majority of other options.

  17. drugs says:

    agreed the move is golden… but “Shwells Choke” aint such a great name

    how about “poon tang choke”?

    or the “pedo choke”?

  18. jbrentsmith says:

    complicates things? Getting that wrist control and going to the loco plata is just about as much effort as this move. This move looks totally legit

  19. Alder Hampel says:

    I agree with drugs, let’s call it the “Ayahuasca Choke” or the “Chilly Shwilly”

  20. Erik says:

    Yeah, on second thought, locoplata is much more complicated. Choke shown here is 2legit2quit.

  21. Howard says:

    going to try it tonight!

  22. MT Shawn says:

    It looks like a bollinger neck tie variation. Kind of cool.

  23. Hi says:

    How about we call it the bollinger neck tie variation (BTV for Short)

  24. Some Guy says:

    No, no, no. Let’s call it the YouTube Choke!

  25. Ian says:

    ““poon tang choke”


  26. Some Guy says:

    Let’s call it the “Hey Stop Trying To Steal This Guy’s Choke And Then Renaming It For 10th Planet Purposes Choke” or HSTTSTGCATRIF10PPC for short.

  27. 10th planet guy says:

    this aint his choke, this is my choke, and i name it ….. well i do like the poon tang choke… or the lockuplata

  28. Some Guy says:

    Fuk you. It’s not your choke. It’s my choke.

  29. 10th planet girl says:

    no, u bastards, its my choke, i invented it before there even was a gogoplata

  30. Random Gracie-Lover says:

    No, no, this move was created by a Gracie who was also the first to use the rubber guard. Americans suck.

  31. 10th planet girl says:

    bull, prove it, i want some proof

  32. Random Gracie-Lover says:

    Oh, uh, well, it’s out there. I saw it a long time ago in some fight and ugh…. Blah blah blah.

    OK…I’m just jealous and scared and mad Eddie beat Royler.

  33. Daniel says:

    I pulled this off tonight. Awesome choke. Very tight, and quick to put in.

  34. 10th planet guy says:

    exactly, thats why i know it should be called the lockuplata

  35. Some Guy says:


  36. J.Rome says:

    I made it and it’s called the Sanitarium Gogo.

  37. Tux says:

    Will this choke work if the guy is tucking his chin, and your shin isn’t on the neck?

  38. Jesus Christ says:

    I made it and it’s called the Jesus Choke.

  39. Howard says:

    Tux I tried it when the guy has his chin tucked. Now depending on your flexiblity and strenght there is a way to get the tap. It’s not going to be a choke but a face smash/crank. When I did it I got the tap via the aforementioned method. However the second time I did it I squeezed and squeezed when his chin was tucked and it didn’t work. The angle was just off slightly. While in this jam I kept trying to get it around the neck the WHOLE time and IT WORKED – I just did a normal Gogo. I would use this as a tool to get to the gogo as well.

  40. Shonie Carter says:

    Since the is done after the kung-fu move from chill dog, why not call it the Raw-Dog Choke?

  41. matt says:

    oh gawd that is aweomse THE RAW DOG CHOKE POSISTION LULZ

  42. connor says:


  43. TheRookie says:

    Dude calls it Mission Control twice when the opponents hand is on the mat and he’s hugging the knee. *WhooopWhoop* RGPD sez that’s New York, not Mission Control. You’ve been busted.

    Also gotta agree with the shite thumb grip. That’s not a Gable grip.

    Those things aside, the move looks fairly legit. I’ll try it out and keep an open mind.