10th Planet Seminar Chirstburg, Virginia This Weekend!!!

Hampel Seminar

19 Responses to “10th Planet Seminar Chirstburg, Virginia This Weekend!!!”

  1. James says:

    7 Roanoke Street Christiansburg, VA 24073.

  2. $kidmark says:

    Alder, very much looking forward to the seminar. Have a safe trip, see you on saturday.

  3. $kidmark says:

    So Alder i wanted to give your flyer all the attention it deserves, because i think that you have a sense of humor and appear to be a light hearted guy who loves old school wrestling. With all that being said, i noticed a lot of shit talking on the Denny “Prop” flyer, i just wanted to do the same for you. The next several post will be from myself, to myself, about illiteracy. Hope you enjoy.

  4. skidmark says:

    What the fuk Elder, why do you think that you can post flyers on the internet, thats right! the internet; the greatest invention that Al Gore ever invented, leading people to believe that you are in fact an Elder. Clearly, based on your picture and some slight internet stalking on my behalf, you can’t be more then Thirty something years old, and even then i think that is a bit high in regards to your age. You are going to get in some deep shit with OPOA, Old People of America. Hope you have a good lawyer.

  5. $kidmark says:

    Dude, skidmark, what in the shit are you talking about? You must need to go and get your cataracts checked after you enter your Senior Citizens tournament in the hottest retirement community in Florida, where menopause is a decade past and the ladies love the smell of wrinkled skin.

  6. skidmark says:

    Uh, sir, i am in fact old, and actual i am propably your elder. i am simply trying to say that i don’t appreciate the fact that a young feller like this here Elder is trying to pass himself off as old when he is in fact not old. Why do young people today feel so entitled to everything, not just to things material but now things chronological? i dont understand you kids. This is like when a white kid wants to be a black kid; it makes him a wigger. So, since you are a young guy who wants to be older, does that make you an Ogre?

  7. Skidmark says:

    Thread fail in 3..2..1..boom!

  8. $kidmark says:

    skidmark you should go and contact your OPOA counsel, if you are not busy driving poorly on the road, picking up prescriptions at the local pharmacy, getting pissed off at the neighborhood rascals for walking on their lawn, waking up at 4 in the am to start your day, going to bed at 5 in the pm, being disgruntled, collecting a pension instead of a shit ass 401k’s that tanked in the past year, hiding money in the house because you no longer trust banks, going to the American Legion or some other responsible social club for people that did something with their life, or collecting money because your mortgage is paid off, and see what they say about the situation. And check your damn eye glass perscription, the flyer says Alder, not Elder. Damn it!

  9. skidmark says:

    i don’t appreciate you tone son, why are you defending that Ogre anyway?

  10. $kidmark says:

    Oh my, did we miss spelling all throughout grade school on our own personal blackboards that they had in the 1940’2? That is what they called elementary school back then isn’t it? Old man, you are an idiot. Go and give yourself a prune juice enema and take a swig man. And get off this forum!

  11. skidmark says:

    Alright pup, have it your way. When i catch in Florida im going to beat that ass; figuratively. Im gonna Judo Gene Labell grip you, take you over my knee, and take my belt to your hiney. After that, im calling Sister Mary Theresa and she will pray for you but not until after that ruler go’s to your knuckles. You are going to be messed up for minutes.

  12. $kidmark says:

    you have got to be joking? you probably just broke your hip trying to write back to me…am i right or what?

  13. skidmark says:

    sorry i haven’t written back in a while, yes, you were right. i did break my hip typing. im not a very good typer, they didn’t over that kind of training when i went to school. im accustomed to having my secretary transcribe my statements…its the life i have built for myself. Anywho, all this back in fourth about Elder being an Ogre was unncessary. i was wrong to launch in a tyrad about him posing to be older; therefore, i apologize. i have decided to go back to my old job after the hip heals up. i used to provide live commentary about a stage show with my crotchety old friend from our balcony seats in a theatre. the show never made much sense to us because the cast was the strangest we had ever seen; a frog, a pig, a blue thing with a dildo for a nose, a bear who claimed to be a comedian but couldn’t tell a joke to save his life. i can’t wait, im really good at being a dick, i think thats why i like jiu jitsu so much! Wak-a wak-a wak-a!

    $kidmark, you are the biggest non-douch in MD!

  14. $kidmark says:

    Alder, just got home from the seminar; its 900pm. Well worth the time and effort. You showed some good stuff and you are an excellant representative for 10th Planet. Thank you for your time and for coming to the East Coast. I hope to bring some more guys from MD next time you come out. i’ll try to hit the Twist-O-Palata at Grappler’s Quest and get it on DVD for you to post!


  15. goosewrangler says:

    sorry for $kidmark, he cannot control his emotions. However, I enjoyed the seminar as well. Thank you from MD!