Denny Prokopos, Montana Seminar, Oct 3rd

4 Responses to “Denny Prokopos, Montana Seminar, Oct 3rd”

  1. Wet Blanket says:

    LOL, they changed the “300.”

    Stupid Dave, MT Shawn, and JMW…

  2. MT Shawn says:

    Stupid Shawn!
    About time 10th planet makes it’s way up here. It sucks having to travel all the time to find good seminars. All the seminars in MT so far have been all Gracie style Gi shit (which is all good). Thanks Alder.

  3. John Botello says:

    The “300″ is still on the phoenix seminar banner :)

  4. MT Shawn says:

    Stupid Shawn! (again)
    Poster needs to be changed to 10th planet black belt!!!!!