Denny Prokopos Seminar Oct. 17th


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  1. Wet Blanket AKA Stick In The Mud says:

    Does 10th Planet think it’s immune to lawsuits? I’m talking about the unlawful use of the “300” logo. And this is not the first time something like this happened. Keep it up and your asses will surely get sued. I would hate to see Eddie getting sued….

  2. Dave says:

    That’s a font, Holmes. You can use a font for anything you want. And even if it WAS a trademarked logo (it’s not), do you think Warner Bros is trolling around looking for piss-ant shit like this to waste their time with? What are they going to sue Denny for, the entire take of the seminar? A grand? Two grand?

    The more I think about it the more I am convinced that you are the stupidest motherfucker that has ever posted here, and that’s saying a lot.

  3. JMW says:

    lmao you tell him Dave

  4. JMW says:

    the more I think about it the more I agree with you Dave

  5. Wet Blanket says:

    Hey faggot Dave, you don’t think they have the right to sue his ass for using the font to write “300” and then featuring it on an advertisement for which he intends to make money? And don’t tell me it’s not copyrighted, because its a fuking movie…of course it is. Why don’t you shut your ass up and quit pretending like you know what you’re talking about. And it’s not about the money, fag, it’s about intellectual property infringement. People have been threatened with lawsuits over pettier shit. Faggot punk bitch. Why don’t you go back to bed with JMW. Okay, “Holmes?” Stupid bitch. Typical 10th Planet douche….

  6. JayC says:

    Wet Blanket, you big fucking…Wet Blanket.

    Remember guys, don’t feed the troll, either the guy (or girl) is an idiot, wanting to spark up random shit, or a 10th Planet Purple Belt who is bored.

  7. MT Shawn says:

    300 was a bad ass “fuking” movie

  8. Dave says:

    OK, here’s what we’ll do. I actually know the Warner Bros legal affairs executive who is in charge of protecting all of their copyrights and intellectual property. He was my first boss when I moved to LA. So I’ll send him this flier, not explaining to him my interest in the matter, and we’ll see if he “sues our asses.”

    And in the meantime, YOU can go ahead and post YOUR competition videos here so we can all watch them. OR you can come in to the gym and show us what you’re made of. OR you can post using your real name, like I do, and stop hiding behind the coward’s veil of anonymity. OR, since we all know you won’t do any of those things, you can shut your whore mouth and stop wasting my time by masquerading your bottom-feeder IQ with epithets and slurs. Now go look up the word “epithet,” loser.

  9. Wet Blanket says:

    Yes, do talk to your WB contact about it. I am very interested in what he/she has to say. And you should also see what Legendary Pictures has to say. Let me know what happens.

    As for the things you mentioned…uhhhh…how about no. Firstly, I am not confident enough with my level to showcase my skills to the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Secondly, you don’t need to see my competition videos. And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with the “veil of anonymity.”

    And ah yes, the immature challenge to a fight. I was SO expecting this. This seems to be the default response/reaction when somebody from 10th Planet is disgruntled because somebody else has a difference of opinion. Again, typical 10th Planet douche mentality. You ignorant bastards sure love to settle disputes through mindless violence. Is that why you train? To be a tough guy? Just FYI, I’m one of the very few who trains for self-defense purposes (and because I love it). I don’t train to “show what I’m made of” or to settle petty disputes started in message boards. Understand, kid?

    BTW, I love how you ALL OF A SUDDEN try to sound educated and sophisticated, using words like “epithet.” LOL. Ooh la la! Take a look at your initial post and compare it to your previous post. Yea…nice try buddy!

  10. MT Shawn says:

    Some folks just ask to get beat up too much. I guess thats what makes them have to take “self defense” classes:-) (sniff, sniff, I smell douche)

  11. Debacle says:

    10th Planet is immune to lawsuits. Along with swine flu and nuclear holocausts. At the end of time there will be twinkies, cockroaches, Chuck Norris, and 10th Planet. We appreciate your concern though… Mortals.

  12. Wet Blanket says:

    MT Shawn, are you smelling the douche that you’re using to clean your female genitalia?

  13. Wet Blanket says:

    you know what guys i was wrong i am a douche and i crave attention thats why i came on to a message board to bash an organization supported by that website

  14. MT Shawn says:

    ouch, Now I want to get violent

  15. MT Shawn says:

    Now I will have to take my frustration out on another message board… Right after I get back from my “self defense” class.

  16. JMW says:

    careful now i herd that wetblanket guy was a black belt in TKD and he knows the kung fu death touch

  17. MT Shawn says:

    That’s OK JMW:-) I have a black belt in the art of Kama Sutra and I just challenged Wet Blanket’s Mom to ho down… I mean show down. She’ll of course use the crouching tiger stance as I unveil my hidden dragon technique. I learned that in my self defense class.

  18. Erik Wahlberg says:

    I teach self defense classes (basically mixed martial arts combined with stuff you aren’t allowed to do in the ring) and I call it Fight Club. It’s at Gold’s Gym in San Mateo if anyone wants to report me. 🙂

    Back in the early 90s there was a kickboxer who went by the ring name of the “Pink Panther”. As he gained television exposure someone eventually contacted him and asked him to stop it, and he became the “Pink Cat”. That’s about the worst Denny and I can expect…that we have to change our posters. Denny could become “The Spartan” Propokos and I change my poster to “Super Turbo Street Fighter”…until Capcom comes after me 😛

  19. Michael Richards says:

    Any Japanese superheroes in here?

  20. JMW says:

    Japanese superheroes what? lol
    nothing against self defense I think the only reason that got called out was because he used the self defense line to act like he had a higher purpose for training and an excuse not to showcase his skill. It just pisses me off that the only reason this guy came on here was to start shit and bag on 10th planet, we all know theres plenty of other forums for that with other like minded or should I say close minded people to agree with you.

  21. Wet Blanket says:

    LOL, I see you RETARDS think its pretty funny that I see BJJ as self-defense…I forgot that you idiots see it as a way to act tough on message boards.

    BTW, impersonating people on this message board is a two-way street. Two can play that game. I’ll do some impersonations of my own later.

  22. JMW says:

    ya why dont you just sue you seem to be fond of that idea

  23. Is anyone attending the seminar on these boards? I’d love to hear feedback afterwards. (tries to steer the convo back to relevancy and away from ridiculousness 🙂

  24. skidmark says:

    Saw Einstein a few months ago. Going to see Alder in two days; can’t wait because there are not many schools in the immediate area who have talent, let alone talent for the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

  25. Ian says:

    Epic troll on them here board. i don’t think I have ever seen such a good toll..

  26. Ian says:

    “in the end of time there will be twinkies, cockroaches, Fedor, and 10th Planet.”


  27. MT Shawn says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting denny…. In Montana. He will be in Great Falls Oct. 3rd. Was that flyer OK Coach Alder?

  28. MT Shawn says:

    And Wet blanket, no one is clowning you for using bjj for self defense (That’s actually a good thing). Its just your kind of a douche bag… Stop keyboard warrior’n and you won’t look as bad. But I suppose if your a tool in general nothing would help. On the other hand, Jay C is probably right, you’re probably a 10th planet student who is bored and goof’n off. After all, could someone actually be that annoying without joking around?

  29. Michael Richards says:

    I have such a fetish for Japanese superheros. i fantasize about being gangbanged by Japanese superheros who wear sexy gis.

  30. Wet Blanket says:

    MT Shawn, I have a black belt in gangbanging your mom. She didn’t know any self-defense and got gangbanged pretty bad.

  31. JMW says:

    Jesus, i’m such a moron. I take back what i said about Wet Blanket using “self-defense” as an excuse to not post his vids. I mean, he already admitted that he’s not confident enough in his level to showcase his skills…so why would he need a “self-defense” excuse? jeez, i’m such and moron and sometimes i speak out of my ass.

    Also, i asked my mom to sign me up for 10th planet kids classes, but she said it was too expensive and than she needed to whore herself more to make that kind of money. But im pretty much a black belt because i know all the moves from watching Youtube videos.

    Anyways, I really want to meet Denny. I think he’s so hot. I really want to go to bed with him.

  32. MT Shawn says:

    Yea, i think Denny is so hot too. JMW, since we go to bed together, lets fantasize about him tonight. Sometimes i wish that “300” men ran a train on me. Oh by the way, does anyone else think the name “Michael Richards” sounds pretty gay also?

  33. Debacle says:

    Ian. Thanx

  34. MT Shawn says:

    Holy shit wet blanket, your a loser

  35. JMW says:

    Im done giving you the satisfaction of acknowledging your retarded ass THE END.

  36. Wet Blanket says:

    Why, whatever do you mean?

  37. JMW says:

    I just can’t stop fantasizing about MT Shawn!

  38. jbrentsmith says:

    Wow that was quite entertaining. Wish I could attend this seminar 300 is the man.

  39. The Truth says:

    Any truth to the rumor that Wet Blanket is really Brandon Quick???

  40. Brandon Quick says:

    Yes, i am

  41. Ian says:

    @ Debacle. You’re Welcome.

  42. Eddie Bravo says:

    Nope. It’s me.

  43. John Botello says:

    It’s gonna be a great seminar, who’s coming ?