George Sotiropoulos Interview w/ 10th Planet Watch’s Rhasaan Orange

10th Planet Watch Correspondent, Rhasaan Orange sits in for a fire side chat with TUF veteran, and UFC stand out, George Sotiropoulos. George discusses, his future with the UFC, his training with Matt Serra, incorporating 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu into his game, and his upcoming relocation to Vancouver Washington. See what one of MMA’s future greats has to say. Special thanks to Pedro Hernandez on this one.

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12 responses to “George Sotiropoulos Interview w/ 10th Planet Watch’s Rhasaan Orange”

  1. TEK says:

    Yo Rhasaan’s last name is really Orange. That’s crazy. Great Interview couldn’t have done it better myself. I hope to see more of these in the future. Improve that lighting though.

  2. Alder Hampel says:

    10th Planet Watch is a gorilla operation, if we got better lights we’d be considered sell outs by our contemporaries.

  3. JMW says:

    I love being in the dark with MT Shawn

  4. Dictionary says:

    gorilla = big hairy primate

  5. JayC says:

    I was meant to be on one of these interviews. Sort it out Rhasaan!

  6. spellcheck says:

    guerrilla might be the word you are looking for?

  7. Alder Hampel says:

    so how lo tek our out fit is… We can’t even afford educationses

  8. Kanye West says:

    I just want to say that Oprah Winfrey gives the best interviews of all time!

  9. Regiyah says:

    LOL. I was waiting for that.