Jeff Glover’s Deep Half Guard DVD Review

Photo 13Glover came in to our school the beginning of last year and showed us a few deep half things. It was an immediate addition to my lockdown/half guard game. Me and a couple other guys started going bananas with it. This dvd was exactly what I was looking for. It goes over how to get to deep half from all kinds of positions. Once in deep half he shows a ton of different sweep options and variations. I was able to tune up my deep half and picked up a bunch of new tricks. There’s some great details!

The overall production value of this 2 disc set is good, It’s shot and edited well. The cover looks like Napoleon Dynamite. Glover keeps its interesting with some gag techniques and light humor. There’s a whole section on using the stability ball that I can’t tell if he’s joking or serious about using it. Could be a stab at Gymnasica Natural. The fact that I can’t tell is pretty funny.

Run, don’t walk to your local martial arts supply store and cop this DVD. My advice is to buy 2 copies so you can give one to your sister, rock doubles, or have a great wedding gift for your cat. Jeff Glover’s “Deep Half” can replace that empty hole the “Fade To Black” DVD left in your 5 disc changer, and in your heart.

Budo didn’t pay me for this endorsement, but if they’d like to, they know where to reach me.

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17 responses to “Jeff Glover’s Deep Half Guard DVD Review”

  1. G. Shapiro says:

    The best move in this DVD is the the first one on disc one where he shows how to transition to the deep half from a standing guard-jump. That will probably be my go-to move from here on out.

    Other than that, there are sweeps and set-ups to the deep-half, but I think they are largely redundant once you learn how to jump guard and crawl down your opponent’s back head-first in order to get to deep half.

    Yes, I am kidding. Joke moves ftw.

  2. JayC says:

    I just ordered Jeff Glover’s DVD. It hasn’t even come yet and I’m better at Jiu Jitsu

  3. Erik says:

    I spent some time thinking about ordering the DVD. Changed my whole outlook on Jiu Jitsu. Incredible.

  4. Erik Wahlberg says:

    I just spent my time reading the other Erik’s post about thinking about ordering the DVD. Now, not only is my half-guard suddenly better, but my torn ACL is magically healed!!!

  5. Johnny be Good says:

    I noticed Alder mentioned Brandon Quick and his DVD “Fade to Black”. I heard that is has been some shit going down with Brandon, but just wondering if the DVD is a good buy? Does it contain anything of value?

  6. dwight roux says:

    Fade to Black has alot of good stuff in it. I am not sure if brandon is proficient at any of the moves that he demonstrates judging by his Naga performence, but the techniques in the dvd are off the hook.

  7. JayC says:

    Download Fade To Black, don’t be supporting BQ

  8. Lazy Jits says:

    While I ripped BQ’s DVD off from a torrent, I actually spent the $$$ on Jeff Glover’s DVD. It fucking rocks. I’ve watched it 4 times in the last week and everyone at my gym is pissed at me cuz I’m sweeping and back-taking and they’re still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Worth the money.

  9. Johnny be Good says:

    Yeah, downloaded awhile back ago. It seemed to have good stuff in it.

    On Jeff Glover, I bought it recently as well. Just skimmed through though but from what I saw, it’s some promising sheeet. With these types of DVDs and instructionals, you just got to stay on top of your game and evolve all the time. Otherwise, you’ll get run over.

  10. Pirate says:

    Yea, I downloaded Mastering the Rubber Guard DVD already. Then when Mastering the Twister comes out, I’ll download that too. Also, I already photocopied both the books.

  11. hi says:

    Dang, Ryan Hall beat Jeff Glover. 🙁

  12. Regiyah says:

    Thats why I think you should retire from competition before you release your techniques to the public.