Sean Bollinger’s Fight @ Tuff-N-Uff

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8 responses to “Sean Bollinger’s Fight @ Tuff-N-Uff”

  1. NICE Transition to Spider Web !

  2. Erik Wahlberg says:

    I was waiting for this! Thanks for posting.

    I saw after a few spinning heel kicks winged at Sean’s head he was like…”OK, let’s go to the ground.” Smart move 🙂

    I look forward to more, and hope Sean keeps improving his stand-up and take downs.

    What weight is Sean? Is he big enough to be in the UFC, or is he bound for the WEC if anything?

    Congrats to Sean and all who trained with him.


  3. RW Pegau says:

    Badass dude. S-mount transition. sweet!


  4. bennyblancofromdabronx says:


  5. Hi says:

    HD quality.

  6. Jason E. says:

    ribs? more like elbow.

    case in point…jiu jitsu wins again

  7. paul says:

    He was fighting at 155 at this one.

  8. Bad Boy says:

    Striking needs work. Jiu Jitsu doesn’t work in the pro divisions.