Grapplers Quest Quick Recap from 10th Planet’s Kim Ferguson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Article By Erin Webb

As most BJJ tourneys seem to go, there was a smaller turn out for No-Gi women than traditional Gi BJJ. No matter the size of the tourney there were still some great matches and comradeship . GQ at Long Beach was at a great venue, ample seating and a great view of the mats from any seat. Bas Rutten was on hand as was Diego Sanchez to help promote Autism Awareness. Gazzy was on hand to ref. and Valerie Worthington was also there scoring matches. Kim won silver in the Advanced 120-139 division, losing to Vanessa Mariscal who is a brown belt under Vladimir Matyushenko. Thanks for the update Kim and congrats to all the girls at 10th Planet Burbank who competed!!
Rachel Tan took Silver- beginner under 120
Juli Fung took Gold-beginner 120-139

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