So Close!

10 Responses to “So Close!”

  1. Debacle says:

    Guy is slightly missinformed. Eddie just started catching the guillatine that he learned from wrestling during training. JJ Muchado started calling the move and Eddie “tha Twister” as a joke when he got proficient at it, then it stuck.
    I bet he would have finished that one. But I’m Eddie’s supertight nuthuggin ademantium jockstrap.

  2. MT Shawn says:

    Is that a uneducated restart by the ref? There are so many options from that position that the ref should have never stepped in. To me it was no different then if he was in full mount going for a submission and the ref said “OK enough”. Bullsh*t

  3. dwight roux says:

    shoulda went for the legs

  4. Deimos says:

    Damn! So close

  5. matt says:

    ref stood it up due to stalling out in the posistion basically and i bet there is some lack of knowledge of the posistion on the refs part and who knows it could of been on the ground for 2 minutes and not got any where and the ref just said enough stand back up

    still a bad call imo though