Eddie’s new, official 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu website is now up. 10th Planet Watch will be migrating over to www.10thplanetjj.com. We can now create cool user accounts and post on the message boards. A feature we never had here. So instead of sitting around at work talking about the big game over the water cooler, we can skip out on that, and talk about new and inventive ways to hurt each other. Real people in the real world are dumb, everybody knows all the coolest people are online. I’ll go even further and say the COOLEST of those cool people, are all going to be on www.10thplanetjj.com.

Don’t worry about signing up for the Pay Pal part of the site if you don’t want to, you can create a profile for free! Don’t forget to add me as a friend, my user name is “Alder Hampel.” I’ll be looking forward to many stimulating conversations with all of you about pulling and twisting limbs, and my and of course, choking and strangulation. =)

7 Responses to “www.10thPlanetJJ.com”

  1. A guy says:

    10thplanetjj.com is a pay site. Will we have to pay the 10thplanetjj.com fees to access all of the videos from 10thplanetwatch.com? that would be extremely lame

  2. daniel says:

    It cost me over $1,000 last year to fly to Hollywood and train with Eddie. I’ll skip a meal one day a month,pay the $4.99 a month, and feel fortunate that someone put in the time in effort to provide the site with awesome instructionals.

  3. JayC says:

    It cost me over $3000 this year to train with Eddie, the videos that I have paid $5 a MONTH for…are fantastic. Very good quality, Eddie himself showing the techniques, and a great forum where I can talk to all the people I met there.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with $5 a month

  4. RichardB says:

    Saying 10thplanetjj.com is paysite isn’t accurate, you can register there, see many videos, participate in the forum, and access content like 10th Planet Watch all for free. The pay portion allows to you to see all Eddies technique videos.. your effectively seeing exactly what his guys at 10th Planet HQ get to see when he teaches, charging $5 a month for that is not lame it’s a fucking bargin. Seriously, should he start giving his books away for free as well?

  5. Mr Myagi says:

    i agree good value.
    Remember though someone ALWAYS complains and that same person this time next year probably wont even be training or even interested in TPJJ so who cares!!