10th Planet Watch Gang Sign

Recently, there’s been a bunch of 10th Planet gang signs being thrown up at tournaments. I suppose that’s cool, if you’re into that sort of thing. I happen to be a hardcore gangsta myself. Being such, can be a great burden. Not only do you have to run your block, pimp your ho’s, and run mark ass tricks off your turf, you also have to come up with a clever gang sign. Your gang sign needs to be symbolic of your hood, and has to set the overall tone of the group of individuals it represents. It must also be catchy and creative, as well as being seemingly menacing. If not, your peers may consider you a “busta,” or an unworthy fellow.

I’ve done my homework, I’ve watched such movies as “Colors”, “Boys In Da Hood”, “New Jack City”, and “West Side Story.” I read such books as “Do or Die”, “Monster” and “8 Ball Chicks.” I spent countless hours Cruisin’ Da ‘Shaw, shopping at the Foxhills Mall, and Maxin’ to da fullest in Oaktown, at the side shows. Tons of research and development have gone into this project. After getting mad hyphy, getting crunked, and going dumb one night, it came to me in a dream…

“It is the mother of all Gang Signs. But with great power comes great responsibility.” A voice Said.

I squinted my eyes and tried to make out the figure standing in the shadows.

“Use it, and use it wisely. For it shall be the the most powerful of its kind.” The voice said in a Paul Bearer tone.

As the body of the voice appeared to me, I could make out an afro, uncle bubba teeth, and an oversized FUBU jacket. This could only be one person, the baddest gangsta on the planet besides Donald Rumsfeld, Quatoof! He stopped walking towards me, cocked his head to the side, and cold mean mugged me. After a moment of what I perceived as him set trippin’, he raised his hands up to me. I flinched, I wasn’t sure if he was going to twist my cap back or straight ride on this fool. Instead, he flashed me the 10th Planet Watch official gang sign. It was a most beautiful sight to behold, much like when you get the BFG on Doom or when Pegasus sprouted his wings for Tristar Pictures. Absolutely breathtaking.

Like the employees of Footlocker, it is now official. Forged from steel, we have the new 10th Planet Watch gang sign. A reasonable representation of who we are. We are the underground within the underground 10th Planet Movement. We do not march to the beat of the same ‘ol drum machine. We are the idealist, the individual thinkers, the revolutionaries, and the mac users. We are the 10th Planeteers that believe marijuana laws are not harsh enough, we HATE rock/rap music, and we also believe you have to be good in the gi, in order to be good at nogi. That’s right, we keep it mad real, almost TOO real! We are the Trons from the “Mad Real World,” we are the New Yorks from “A Flava of Love,” and we are your Lieutenant Commander Datas from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

I expect to see the new sign at all the tournaments. Infact, Email me a picture or Video of you throwing up your 10th Planet Watch sign, and I’ll post it here on the blog. There will be a cash prize for those of your who submit yourself claiming your set.**

May your holiday bangin’ be efficient and merry!

Alder @ 10th Planet Watch, The Official Gang

mad real

**There is no cash prize, Alder is a liar.

6 Responses to “10th Planet Watch Gang Sign”

  1. wow… I want the same weed you just smoked! :D

    nice gang sign tho… It’s way more flashy than the other one ;)

  2. Edwin says:

    lol at…

    “It was a most beautiful sight to behold, much like when you get the BFG on Doom or when Pegasus sprouted his wings for Tristar Pictures. Absolutely breathtaking.”

  3. Regiyah says:

    I love the one o with one hand…dope.