RGPD: Lockdown Counter

15 responses to “RGPD: Lockdown Counter”

  1. daniel says:


  2. Reagan says:

    how high are they?

  3. Howard says:


  4. Howard says:

    however why do I want to try it! hahaha

  5. MT Shawn says:

    Tried it, puts you right in the truck. Nice try

  6. scott says:

    it doesn’t put you in the truck, although it would if your opponents legs were grapevined the opposite way.

  7. dustedNdisgusted says:

    Alt + F4

  8. Regiyah says:

    Wouldve taken his back when he put his right shoulder on my right side. And on top of that with his arm trapped.

  9. JD says:

    this actually made my jiu jitsu game alot worse having watched it. Thank you guys, I just regressed

  10. Eddie Bravo´s Son says:


  11. dwight roux says:

    I would’nt be so hard on them. It does work if you are going against a regular player (not the lockdown) and take a twister by surprise. risky but possible.

  12. Mr Myagi says:

    all moves are not created equal