Eddie Bravo “Don’t Hang Up On Me” episode 2 (part 2)

Around 5 years ago I ordered Soma pain pills from an online pharmacy. Since then I’ve been getting bombarded with sales calls. At first I asked them nicely to remove me from their calling list but they never did. Then I decided to lie and tell ask them to remove me from their list because their calls were waking up my newborn baby. I totally thought pulling the sympathy card would work, but it didn’t. Then I decided to to annoy the hell out of them by putting them on hold forever and begging them not to hang up in hopes that they would remove me from their list. That didn’t work either. Then I started to put in gigantic orders with bogus credit card numbers. That didn’t work either. Now I decide to go into full mindf#ck mode by getting gay with them and taping it for my website. We’ll see how many episodes I can get out of them until they finally get so annoyed with me that they take me off their damn list :)

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