RGPD: Double Gogo

I think this video is where Eddie got the idea for “The Sorcerer.” If I were this guys wife, I’d sue.

this is a move my wife landed on me by accident and i looked everywhere online to try and find it but i havent found it yet. not gunna lie she made me tap.”

6 responses to “RGPD: Double Gogo”

  1. ANDRES CHAVEZ says:

    this will never work, whos dumb enough to get caught in this, no offense to anyone who got caught by this

  2. Horny Guy says:

    Is this a porn?

  3. brandon says:

    i think this is actually called Boner Control.

  4. jarniej says:

    When his wife tried in on me I tapped too. But we called it the DPO

  5. Ian says:

    You guys a frakked I say… How do you know the guy doesn’t read this?

  6. Kim says:

    I esp. like the kitchen floor training:0