Self-taught ADVANCED techniques: Introduction to the ELASTIC GUARD and the GOGOBAR.

The elastic guard — born, bred and exclusive to The Lab — is for advanced self-taught martial artists only! Prepare to have your tiny minds blown.

P.S. — This is for basement warriors ONLY; if I hear ONE word about the elastic guard being used and abused in GYMS (aka PRISONS), then you better prepare yourself for a DOJO STORM that’ll leave zero survivors.

12 responses to “Self-taught ADVANCED techniques: Introduction to the ELASTIC GUARD and the GOGOBAR.”

  1. Josh says:

    Awesome. Simply awesome.

  2. Ian says:


    J/K. The man takes no prisoners.. :o(

  3. Steve says:

    holy poop, it’s the sorcerer….

  4. ANDRES CHAVEZ says:

    wow. thats all i could say

  5. Regiyah says:

    OMG! Thats would work with the rubberguard!!! Thanks Alder!

  6. greg says:

    regular old boring stupid guard

  7. Jason says:

    haha. sorcerer!

  8. bryan says:

    this looks like the rubber guard lol!hows it different in anyway?

  9. kim says:

    wow, this is like nothing I have ever seen…just out of nowhere.
    I can think of a certain Military dude who is gunna be pissed someone copied his “tap” though, I think he has a patent or copyright or something

  10. KillAll187 says:

    “Taaaap!” haha..that’s great. Had to watch it again.

  11. Zilla says:

    This dude can’t be serious…I mean wow