UFC Primetime Airs Tonight at 10pm

This Hardy blog has been pulled down. Please tune into UFC’s Primetime on Spike TV, tonight at 10pm

10 Responses to “UFC Primetime Airs Tonight at 10pm”

  1. Scott Elkin says:

    dude, that music you have playing over the 2nd half is hilarious

  2. Alder says:

    LoLz are required!

  3. Ace Duce says:

    is there a site where you got the mouth guard from cause that other is not working

  4. Alder says:

    Just an email at the moment

  5. Bing0Jack says:

    I have such a dirty mouth. Probably from all the dick I’ve been choking on.

  6. Richard M says:

    Damn it Alder! I wanted to see the video!