10th Planet All Stars DVD!!!


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10th Planet Jiu-jitsu is a living system of jiu-jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo that continues to evolve as new methods are introduced and old techniques continue to be refined. The result is a body of moves that have been proven to work on the mats, in the streets, and even in the Octagon. So while Eddie Bravo’s Twister and Rubber Guard sequences remain core aspects of the 10th Planet system of Jiu-jitsu, the system has many faces, with cutting edge techniques being developed, tested, and assimilated virtually every day. This DVD showcases three of Eddie Bravo’s most adept students and offers detailed step-by-step instruction on some of the most creative, effective, and dangerous grappling moves on this or any other planet!
Instruction provided by:
Scottie Epstein, 10th Planet black belt : There’s a reason that Chuck Lidell asked Scottie “Einstein” Epstein to serve as his team’s jiu-jitsu coach on Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter. That’s because Scottie, a 10th Planet student since day one, arguably knows the 10th Planet system better than anyone other than Eddie Bravo himself . Scottie has proved the effectiveness of the system at every level of competition with a 4-0 MMA (including the TAPOUT show) record and numerous grappling medals with the majority of wins by submission.
Sean Bollinger, 10th Planet black belt, head instructor at 10th Planet Riverside. Sean developed the “double bagger” aspect of the 10th Planet system, a highly effective variation of rubber guard that requires crazy flexibility but offers superior control and high percentage submissions. Bollinger gives step-by-step instructions on the double bagger and more.

Denny Propokos, 10th Planet black belt, head instructor of 10th Planet San Francisco. Denny was the first to receive a blackbelt in the 10th planet system under Eddie Bravo and holds numerous grappling titles, including a gold medal at the FILA 2010 Grappling World Championships and the 2008 Nogi Worlds. Denny turns to his strong wrestling background for the moves he demonstrates here.

20 Responses to “10th Planet All Stars DVD!!!”

  1. Jason E. says:

    This fucking DVD is unreal! Buy this shit. Dude…it sets the bar for instructionals WAY higher than it was before.

  2. Ian says:

    ^^^ Have you seen it?

  3. epstein says:

    no ian he hasnt seen it i paid him to say that.

  4. Ian says:

    So, where’s my job offer, holmes??

  5. epstein says:

    ill call you if i get rats in my garage. now stop making sly attempts at discrediting my work. i can and will hurt you

  6. Ian says:

    I hope you’re joking, cause me asking someone if they’ve simply viewed the DVD is just a question about that activity. Nothing more. He made no reference to actually watching it.

    Boy, intonation on the net really is hard to decipher? :(

  7. Ian says:

    Woah! Just got my copy……. it *is* sick!

  8. Regiyah says:

    Ian getting paid!! nice!

  9. Ian says:

    Careful, Regiyah. The brother can and will hurt you. That being said, dude, the DVD is crazy nice. :(

  10. Regiyah says:

    haha I meant that he was paying you to say that…not so you could bootleg. I cant wait to grab a copy at Burbank.

  11. epstein says:

    check made out to ian bitter asain? thats what i have you in my phone as.

  12. Ian says:

    Mmmm, i get it now! lol.. Sorry, wrong Ian, Epstein. :)

  13. Regiyah says:

    I got it yesterday…shits dope! Props.

  14. Jason E. says:

    Yeah I saw it foo. I was with Scott when he picked up the first copy and the shit is off the chain! Not just the techniques, which are awesome, but the quality of the production is also crazy.

  15. alex says:

    define: freedom rock