Eddie Bravo shares a gracie barra story

4 responses to “Eddie Bravo shares a gracie barra story”

  1. VTR1000 Lady says:

    Great detailed information, I just bookmarked you on my google reader

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  2. coooOoOooOokie says:

    LMAO bak ah bu booow KAH

  3. Pee Fart says:

    this video was ripped off of Mastering The System

  4. Jason Eisner says:

    Indeed…Pee Fart? That was a clip from mastering The System. Anyway…I think that 10th Planet Watch should get Mastering The System clips like this to air. Lets find out a way for that to happen, shall we?

    Unfortunately the dude who ripped and posted that video clip on Youtube had a very poor quality video version, which made Mastering The System look bad, so I had to exercise martial law…much like the Po Po and regulate that video on down. Sorry homies.