Blackbelt Psychology part 1 by Marcos Avellan

UnderGround Blogger Marcos Avellan, along with his brother David, founded South Florida’s Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA) in 2001, and has trained fighters for the UFC, WEC, Bodogfight, EliteXC, Strikeforce, and dozens of other promotions.
This is Part III of my Black Belt Psychology Live Demo. If you haven’t seen parts I and II, check them out first below:
Part I = *VIDEO* Smuggled Cuban boxing secrets!
Part II = A Beautiful Mind for MMA?
Part I was about shadow boxing… Part II was about creating fight memories… and Part III is about dealing with competition jitters!
The core of this lecture is based on the premise that if I had a crystal ball and showed you that you’re about to lose your upcoming match… what would you do? Watch the video and you’ll understand how this perspective can help remove your competition jitters!
This video is part of the philosophy I have been using for years to help prepare myself and my team for any fight or competition.
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Marcos Avellan
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