Supplements and it’s effect in MMA and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu – by David Hah

Staying on top of the game in MMA or even just Jiu Jitsu demands alot. It requires sacrifice, dedication and perseverance. As a result, it should be common sense that knowing what to put in your body, aka having a diet, is a must! Not just to make weight for your fights, but also to make sure you are taking care of your body so that you can train at the best that your body and mind needs. This will totally help with how one feels with recovery/rejuvenation so that you don’t feel like a bloated fat piece of crap during training, as well as your fights. Supplements on top of a good, proper diet will excel your game to the next level. First off, the body needs protein, which is an essential building block needed to repair muscles in the body that have been through a rigorous training session. When exercising with rigorous work, you are tearing your muscles down, and the protein comes in and rebuilds/reinforces the muscles. The most common protein used is a whey protein supplement for after a workout. I personally have been using a plant based protein by a company called Vega. Since it is a vegan protein, it is free of any animal products. On top of that it is soy free, so men don’t have to worry about growing man tits. Supposedly too much soy can raise estrogen levels in a man, hence men can develop breasts, aka boobs, as a result of too much soy. Since using Vega’s post workout protein, my body actually feels much better and cleaner, cause God knows what we feed our animals. As a result, using this protein has taken rejuvenation to a whole new level in terms of recovery, especially due to the fact that there are high quality Branched Chain Amin Acids (BCAA’s) that help you get the best out of the protein. The BCAA’s are what help synthesize the protein, thus enhancing, the building of stamina, endurance and recovery/rejuvenation.

Another great supplement to add in a training regimen is a preworkout supplement. Having worked as a sales representative in the nutritional supplement industry, pre workouts have been a very popular product for people, if not a must. At least half the time, customers come in asking for a pre workout supplement. One I use personally is by Vega. Other than coffee, Vega’s preworkout supplement is filled with many beneficial ingredients for the body such as yerba mate, green tea, ginseng, kombucha, etc… Coffee is a stimulant due to the high content of caffeine. The stimulants in Vega are filled with rich antioxidants and causes no crash or jitters. This preworkout, taken before training will help one’s training tremendously by helping them to train at 100% if not more. Vega’s supplements have been shown to be the best stuff for me and I truly believe it is the best stuff out there… PERIOD. Just remember, the way you train is the way you fight. If you are giving it all you have in the gym, then the fight should be just a re-creation of all that hard work that was spent day and night on the mat, in the gym. So put in your body what will help you to be at your best. If you eat like crap, then you will perform like crap. If you eat good, you will feel good… and if you feel good, you fight good.



David Hah is a blue belt at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys and a supplement consultant for more information you can email him at davidshah88 at yahoo (dot) com

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