10th Planet Van Nuys, UFC 154 @ Orochon Ramen a Success!!

Thanks to everybody that came out to our 10th Planet Van Nuys, Orochon Ramen, UFC 154 party. We had an amazing turn out. As always the owner, Shigeki Matsuda and his friendly, helpful staff, hosted the event. If you haven’t heard of this place, check out the episode on “Man vs. Food” they have some of the best Ramen on the planet. This ain’t your college Top Ramen, this is the real deal, straight from Kanagawa, Japan. The place was jam packed with all kinds of people. It’s nice to finally have a place we can all go to watch the fights. With the team expanding and growing bigger, we may have to eventually rent out a movie theatre to fit everybody in it! Until that day, we’ll just stay with Orochon!

The show did not disappoint. The main event was a blood bath that saw Georges St. Pierre, dominate Carlos Condit. GSP did get rocked by a unorthdox high kick that landed almost out of nowhere. It momentarily looked like the interim champion, Condit could have bested the St. Pierre, but GSP recovered and continued to dominate the fight. In other fights, Martin Kampmann was steamrolled by an impressive, right hook, straight left combination by Johny Hendricks. The former NCAA stand out, Hendricks, has been brutalizing opponents with his power and wrestling for some time now. He may be in line for a title shot, if Anderson Silva doesn’t get the super fight he’s been wanting with Georges St. Pierre. I missed the actual match, but in BJJ news, Ivan Menjivar had an impressive armbar finish. So much so, he received submission of the night. I love that the UFC gives these bonuses, it makes for much more interesting matches!

We look forward to the next event December 29th, when Dos Santos takes on Cain Velasquez. This is the highly anticipated match from the first Fox show. Hopefully we’ll get to see the fight go just a little longer this time. In the first fight, Dos Santos made quick work of Cain.

Coach Alder Hampel

10th Planet Van Nuys


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