Eddie Bravo Has Fucked Coach Alder Over!!!!

Ok, well this title is a bit dramatic, but I wanted to let you know that the new Mastering the Twister” DVD is out. You may be asking yourself, well why does that fuck you over Alder? We’ll I’ve made a career on beating people up with the twister, and now you get to see all of the secrets in this DVD. This is the video counter part to the book that was released a few years ago. I suggest if you liked that, definitely pick up the DVD. You’ll be able to see how everything flows together, and the details that you couldn’t pick up from just looking at pictures on a page.

My students might be thinking, “HA, I’ve got you now!” but I say, you need to be putting in mad reps if you want to catch up with me. I will however have to work harder now to get the Twister, but I guess I had it pretty good for a long time. Also, I will admit, it is going to bring quite a bit of attention to a move that until now, was kind of a sleeper in bjj. It was popular for a while, but then people kind of forgot about it. Now, most people usually equate 10th Planet with rubber guard. When I think of it, I think twister, it just works into my game better.

You might be asking yourself who’s this Alder character, and why should I care what you say. Fair enough, but if you see UFC guys like the Korean Zombie, Vinny Magalheas and Alan Belcher all praising this move, then maybe that’ll add more weight to it.

Coach Alder Hampel

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys


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