Coach Alder: “Getting The Most From Your Grappling Dummy.”

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Here at 10th Planet Burbank, we take our training seriously. Being a complete and utter spaz who frequently injures his training partners can sometimes prove to be a lonely existence. Do training partners avoid making eye contact with you when it’s time to free train? Do people say their knee hurts, they are too tired, or to “give them a minute,” to avoid grappling with you? Does this sound like you? If so, you’re in luck!

Using proprietary blend of space age science and alien technology, I’ve developed a series of exercises with a grappling dummy that can not only help improve your current game, it can revolutionize it. Be prepared to be wowed, you’re jiu jitsu will never bee the same!

Eddie Bravo Teaching Tonight @ 10th Planet Burbank’s Grand Opening!!!!

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Eddie is teaching tonight @ 10th Planet Burbank, come down and join in the fun!!

Blue Dragon Martial Arts
4130 W. Burbank Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505