Nick Diaz vs Muhsin Corbbrey Video- EliteXC Return of the Kin

Let’s first start off by saying I’m a huge fan of The Diaz brothers. Even when they storm the ring after KJ Noons KO of Yves Edwards. So, Nick if you’re reading this, please don’t kick my ass. Stockton 209!!!

At 22:42 in the video, Nick sets up for an arm bar. He does it the traditional way with with his inside arm hooking Corbbrey’s arm. What’s good is Diaz can land a couple hammer fists to the face from this position. What’s bad, is there’s nothing to stop Corbbrey from getting up to his knees and escaping. I’m a much bigger fan of people going to the “Spider Web” position from here. It enables you to control your opponent’s legs, which makes it much harder for them to escape.

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