Coach Alder Presents: The Ham Sandwich

I had the pleasure of teaching class tonight at the 10th Planet Headquarters at the Legends Gym in Hollywood. I showed the class one of my money sweeps, The Ham Sandwich. It’s a combo sweep/submission when your opponent posts one or both of their legs up. You can hit it from several different positions. It works well from the stomp, the cocoon, open guard, butterfly guard with one under hook, 93 guard. I’ve even seen Conor Heun do a flying Ham Sandwich.

This Technique came from Legendary Jiu Jitsu master, Ricardo Liborio of American Top Team. He taught it to Eddie Bravo and Jason Chambers in Japan when Jason was fighting out there.

***This technique was not taught to Jason Chambers and Eddie Bravo by Ricardo LIborio of American Top Team. It is actually a Jason Chambers Variation. I stand corrected.

Sorry Jason ; )

Intro song: Alder f/ Karl Cutta MC – “Bring That Back”
Outro Song: Origin & Armanni Reign – “Cold (White Christmas)”

13 responses to “Coach Alder Presents: The Ham Sandwich”

  1. Jon says:

    Cool sweep. What is 93 Guard?

  2. Alder Hampel says:

    it’s like having the stomp in. I think it’s brent’s name for it.

  3. ArrashSpawnOfCthulu says:

    Coach Hampel teaches the Ham-pel Sandwich!

    Nom nom nom.

  4. Alder Hampel says:

    I stand corrected, the stomp is one butterfly hook, other leg in classic half guard position and double underhooks.

  5. Mdrnsamurai says:


    Thanks for the Video! This technique is so Money! Awesome!

    Train Hard, Stay Safe,
    Good Luck