Eddie Bravo Theory: Flexibility and Work Ethic

Eddie Bravo once again breaking it down for the kids. 10th Planet for the children ya’ll.

I’m definitely not the most flexible dude on the planet, but recently I’ve been able to make rubber guard work for me much better. Eddie has been on my case for a while now about working on my flexibility. He’s put me on blast in class and used me as an example for guys with bad flexibility. I’ll admit, in the past I’ve been lazy when it comes to stretching. It’s not been until recently, that I started to work a bit harder on it. I’m noticing a huge difference.

I’m not going to lie, the more flexible you are, the easier Rubber Guard is going to be for you. There are a lot of rumors and myths going around about how only the super-flexible can use these moves without being injured. NOT TRUE. Just like anything, it takes practice. We don’t show up to Tae Kwon Do class and expect to be pulling off 360 spinning jumping kicks right off the bat. We don’t show up to Muy Thai class and expect to have devastating head kicks all of the sudden. We have to work up to that. Rubber Guard is no exception, it takes time to develop the squeezing endurance and flexibility required to utilize it effectively.

My suggestion, if it doesn’t work for you immediately, have a little faith and patience. Stretch, put in the repetitions, and I can guarantee you will see results. Good luck

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