10th Planet’s Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein: “The Jellyfish”

This move is huge for me. There are guys who have a great base who you can’t use “The Pump” on. There are also guys who are crafty, and make it hard for you to, once you’ve gotten “The Zombie,” to move into “The Jiu Claw” Position. Here’s an awesome alternative if you’re having trouble progressing in your rubber guard game.

Start by breaking your opponent into “Mission Control”. Then get the hand to the mat into “New York”, by using “The Zombie”. Once you’ve done that, you can move to “Chill Dog”. Once the neck has been cleared, you’ll move to put the ankle on top of the other one for the “Invisible Collar”. The next move is an awesome way to get the arm on the inside of the body. It’s old school Wally Jay Circle Jiu Jitsu. You’ll reverse “The Zombie” by swimming the arm under his, and moving it into the middle of your body. Same result as “The Pump” would give you. Next you’ll use the “Swim Move” to roll your opponent into the “Spider Web” and start attacking with various submissions. This is the easy, basic stuff. 10th Planet 101 😉

The Coach Alder predicts this move will also work well in MMA. It’s a good way to get to a high percentage submission without taking damange. Drill it!!!

Thanks to Chris “Hot and Steamy” Herzhog, from our satellite school in Rochester, NY, for capturing the video.

One response to “10th Planet’s Eddie Bravo and Scott Epstein: “The Jellyfish””

  1. Jake says:

    I kept on screwing this move up, until i realized i was forgetting to tattoo my name in gaudy 4 inch letters across my shoulder blades. Now it works great.