Advanced Rubber Guard: The Undefended

“A new guillotine set up off of the Rubix Cube. 8th Street Gym, Grand Junction, Colorado. Jeff “The Wolverine” Barney, Jason Sullivan, filmed by Mick Carolina.”

Respected forum member Jeff “Wolverine” Barney demonstrates his new more “The Undefended.”

7 Responses to “Advanced Rubber Guard: The Undefended”

  1. Matthias says:

    It works!
    I pulled it off several times during training.

  2. noah karbach says:

    very nice. ive used rubix cube to sweep but never rode it all the way throught like that.

  3. Ari Bolden says:

    Jeff should officially be brought into the Nibiru fold. I like how this guy thinks and his videos spawn new ideas…and isn’t that the point of 10th Planet?

    Nice work Wolverine.

  4. Alder Hampel says:

    I’m going to jump him in to our gang

  5. Wolverine says:

    Thanks guys,
    Appreciate all the kind words, also Ari’s Undefended video was awesome. Jerome told me he was going to put up some new videos that went along with the Puppet Master a few months ago, but haven’t seen them yet. Whats he been up to? Maybe Coach Alder can get him to film some of his new stuff.
    Thanks as always,

  6. Wolverine says:

    Thanks again for the Jason Chambers top positioning video. I’ve been working that stuff a lot while rolling, and taught it in a couple of classes the last few weeks. Then one of our guys pulled it off perfectly on Felipe, and almost caught me with it yesterday. Good stuff like this spreads like a forest fire, thanks again,

  7. Alder Hampel says:


    Alex 4sakensoul and I talked to Jerome last week about filming some new stuff. He’s down, we just have to coordinate, I’ve been really swamped.