Scott Epstein Week Begins: Gag Reflex

Scott “Einstein” Epstein paid me a lot of money to do this, so I’m having a whole week or more of him on 10th Planet Watch. Scott and I have been working hard on this, we hope you like all the techniques, live rolling, blogs and interviews. As much shit as I talk about him, I enjoyed the process, but mostly because I like his dogs.

Love him or hate him, you’re stuck with him and his miserable self. Nothing is more synonymous with holiday joy, than Einstein, ENJOY!

15 Responses to “Scott Epstein Week Begins: Gag Reflex”

  1. Sky says:

    And I make a big swing so it’s easier to cross my feet — SHUT UP!

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah, 1:05 is the greatest moment in 10th Planet Watch history.

  3. Raul Ponce says:

    You just have to rename the technique:
    “The Shut Up”
    rules baby!!


  4. Euphrates says:

    I do like him showing the technique live in sparring. Anyone can show a technique, but what makes the technique viable is the ability to perform it against a resisting person. I work out with a guy who has done Judo for over 20 years. Loves the fist chokes.

  5. Ari Bolden says:


    Ask Mr.Shut UP how he deals with a guy that simply shrugs his shoulders which makes it impossible to get that fist in.


  6. Alder says:

    Mr. Shut up is E=MC2 and now posts on here. He’s leaving to brazil tonight tho. I’m not sure if they have the internet there yet.

  7. Constantine says:

    Is it possible for the guy in guard to drive his forearm into your bicep and push your fist off his neck? Or even swimming his left arm over your arm as if to get an overhook, kind of like doing the Zombie? Is it just a matter of the other guys right upperarm and shoulder being blocked by your leg so he can’t any real extension or leverage?

    Then again if he did either of those things, he would be opening himself up to be Zombied because his arm would come off your chest.

    If he managed to block your fist by getting his right hand up by his neck, would be setting himself up for the Pump armbar?

    If he managed to to block your left arm by getting his left hand on your bicep, across his body, would you just Croc him?

    I’m the Constantine that trained at 10th Planet about two years ago, for a year if anybody remembers. So please forgive me if my absence has me talking gibberish.

  8. Ari Bolden says:

    I think Scott wants to change his nick name to “SHUT UP”!

  9. bobnugget says:


    i love 10thplanet stuff….

    but i dont see them winning any tourneys.
    are any of them going to abu dabi??


  10. Ari Bolden says:

    Really? The funny thing is that there are A LOT of 10th Planet guys competing but the numbers compared to traditional BJJ are still very low.

    Denny Prokopos of 10th planet jiu jitsu won the 2007 no mundials: Here is the link bro:

  11. Matthias says:

    For example:
    Felicia Oh was competing in the ADCC worlds in 2007.

    I hope to compete in this years ADCC, too. But I have to win the European Trials in January first.

  12. Matthias says:

    I wanted to say, I wanna compete in the ADCC _next_ year.

    I live too often in the future. ;)

  13. bobnugget says:

    thats cool. is there anyone else that i can watch??


  14. Alder Hampel says:

    bob i’ll put some tourny stuff up from denny and jerome at grapplers quest this last month

  15. e=mc2 says:

    hi kids..this tech is really to stop a guy from stacking but he gives you presents when you stick your fist in his throat..