RGPD: “Houston” Defeating Mission Control to pass the Rubber Guard

Is this a good counter? YOU be the judge. Wolverine found this one for us. Thanks brotha.

27 Responses to “RGPD: “Houston” Defeating Mission Control to pass the Rubber Guard”

  1. Dave says:

    I watched that without sound while Gossip Girl was on TV, so I admittedly have no idea what was going on. But if his “technique” was the part where he straightens his neck out, I’m going to say….no.

    Even if I was holding my ankle with my hand like a retard, I’m still not buying that your neck is stronger than my strong-side (read: masturbatory) wrist.

  2. Lazy Jits says:

    New York…not Mission Control. I don’t buy this at all. When I’m squeezing my knee to trap his arm, I can keep a guys posture broken down pretty good. Good enough to clear the head and go to Chill dog. Plus, if I felt the guy trying to attack my J/O (jack-off)arm and felt he could posture, I’d go Crackhead on him and end that nonsense pretty quick. It’s the same old story, everybody has a counter to rubber guard when the only guys throwing rubber guard on them have no idea what they are doing.

  3. James says:

    Completly agree with Lazy. Why is it in every vid countering the rubber do guys not have the little details of the system down. It kind of pointless making these vids on shitty technique rubber guard. I masturbate too.

  4. Dave says:

    I am really proud to have gotten this thread off to such a spectacular start.

  5. Cliff says:

    I agree with James agreeing with Lazy Guard. And I agree with Dave in that you can’t fight the jack hand.

  6. e=mc2 says:

    i masturbate to this vid ..i am stroking right now

  7. I don’t want this brilliant series of counters to get out… my mission control is weak because I have a crippled right arm from masturbating too much. Also, hair on palms.

  8. Alder Hampel says:

    You know guys, this is a serious blog. If you want to make crude jokes and laugh about stuff and things, maybe you should go to one of those gyms who enjoy comedy. We’re serious about our brazilian jiu jitsu here.

  9. Matt Hurpees says:

    Were supposed to be using our masturbatory arm? Damn, i’ve been doing it wrong. I need to switch sides for mission control, or jack off with my other hand.

  10. Kim says:

    Thank the the galaxy for 10th Planet Burbank – keeping 10th Planet “family friendly” for over 2 months! The only place your kids and grandparents can learn the style and not have to hear about jerking off- THE number two most talked about activity at 10th planet only after Jiu-Jitsu, with weed taking a close third – I am not condemning just observing:)

  11. Alder Hampel says:

    Respected forum reader, Shawn Arnold, asks this question:

    “What about getting the knee in early before you can be broken down? Does anyone use that? The rest of the video was a waste of time but I’ve never tried to sit up and just throw my knee in. I’m just a rookie at this 10th planet stuff so please comment on what you more experienced guys think of the knee.”

    Anybody care to address this other than Einstein? His only advice is to tell people to go fuck themselves.

  12. Kim says:

    My rubber guard is still pretty weak but when someone STARTS with the knee up(in open guard) it makes it really hard for me to get to any rubber guard(I try to go to 1/2). As far as sticking your knee up as soon as they open to break you down- well, one- they would have to be going kind of slow so you could get your knee in and flexible peeps don’t need to open their guard to sit up and break you down.

  13. Ari Bolden says:

    The guy in the video is Tim Sledd, a BJJ Brown belt and a member of our forum. He’s actually super open minded and there is details about this video and others here:


    Tim has good jits and yes he screwed up london and New york. We have a serious discussion about the pros and cons on what he is doing in the above link.


  14. Shanghai says:

    1. jack hand= too strong
    2. Tim Sledd is a dumbass
    3. no one uses london
    4. that video made me want to thai kick him in the head

  15. Shanghai says:

    let me change my mind after readin ari’s post

    tim is original, but doesnt understand rubber guard…if he trained with it more, he might have come up with better

  16. So on a serious note,
    I’ve tried to use rubber guard on a tremendous brown belt at my school in Santa Cruz only to have my progression foiled by a knee in the butt. You know, with rubber guard being such a high guard it was easy for him to put his knee in my butt and it felt like if I loosened at all to adjust positions that he’d pop out, so I figured knee in the butt had to be a great counter to the RG progression from mission control through invisible collar.

    However, last week I tried that concept out on Eddie. He put me in rubber guard and I tried to put my knee in his butt. I had my knee in Eddie Bravo’s butt but he keeps the RG so tight it didn’t seem to phase him…
    I mean, I may have temporarily halted his progression but once I was broken down into a tight mission control there was no way I was going to get my knee in between the guard as it shows in this video.

    I mean, in the video he is showing the knee up as a preventative measure. But that’s hardly a counter specific to rubber guard. If you get your knee through anyone’s guard, you’re largely preventing a guard offense.


  17. Tim Sledd says:

    First I have to say that I Lol’d at all the jerk off references above and NOW realize that that is why my techniques aren’t practical! Josh (the demo dummy in the vid) has a beautiful fiance so I imagine he beats it less than most! ;)

    Next, while I was careful to give a disclaimer in the vid, the title of the vid has spawned a misconception that a. I am an expert at rubber guard (Def.NOT) and b. that this is the silver bullet to defeating the rubber guard (WHICH IT IS NOT).

    In reflecting on comments here, the UG, the bjjgear forum and on the youtube vids themselves, it is clear and true that these techniques will not work against every rubber guard fighter and most certainly against the masters of it! I think S. Bollinger even told me he would molest my children if I tried these moves against him! Yikes!

    However, not every state is lucky enough to be california (or Texas for that matter) so what is happening is the RG is being played alot, but not well. Much like BJJ was being played alot but not well in the early 90′s.

    When I have come up against the RG here in the midwest, it is surprising and confusing which in turn allows even shoddy performance of it to be successful on some level. So the questions abound. “How do ‘you’ grapple against someone playing the rubber guard?”

    That is what my vid is about. it is about giving a few options and pointers so that those who feel stuck, don’t feel they have to give up, but explore potential escapes.

    Of course there will be counters to counters and options available when the guy makes the mistakes I make. The same is true for every single bjj guard pass.

    So I have been arrested by the RGPD. When I am convicted and sentenced, my hope is that the punishment will be seeing 10-20 vids of how to break mission control, or pass the rubber guard better than what I put up.

    Thanks for the feedback and mockery. It made my morning. Oh and Shanghai, I just teabagged your drum set!


  18. Dave says:

    #1) I also have a beautiful fiancee, and I masturbate constantly. I am actually writing this with one hand. If you believe that marriage lowers your masturbatory instincts, you have another thing COMING, Tim Sledd. SEE WHAT I DID THERE???!?

    #2) I like to think of myself as one of the foremost “Knee in the Ass” practitioners in the whole of the 10th Planet System. I use it constantly, both because I don’t know any other passes and because it works for me. So I have tried while already caught in rubber guard hundreds of times. And here’s what I notice: When I’m caught in a tight rubber guard, my upper body is obviously pulled into the guy. Which traps my own arms against his chest. That’s typically fine, because I want them there anyway, but when I stick my knee in his ass, it distances my hips from his. What ends up happening is my arms, still plastered to his chest, straighten out. They are basically anchored at the hands, and I am pulling from the shoulders. At this point, the guy has an incredibly easy pump he can accomplish if he continues to hold the rubber guard. I can’t stop it, because for the taint pass to work, you need space to move into, but if you’re in rubber guard, you’re still broken down into that space. So you’re sitting there with your knee in his ass and your arm waiting to get caught. And it almost always does. You can always abandon the knee and pop back into the guard to save your arm, of course.

    Hope that made sense. My next guest column will both be about my famed “taint game:” I will be describing my process of sitting on a traffic cone while watching TV at home, as a means of building up my taint defense, and I will also discuss the value of a light groan emitted as the knee slides into the taint…

  19. Tim Sledd says:

    Dave, trust me I know about the marriage thing… 10 years in here and I am still my best lover.!

    Good stuff on how the knee in the middle can be severely frustrated with the pump to armlock. I will watch out for that.

    Good info!

  20. Alder Hampel says:

    Tim, you’re open minded and a good sport thanks for stopping by.

  21. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Now I know why the rubber gaurd was created. Once you get the dude in Mission Control you have a free hand to jerk-off with. Nice.

  22. mike velotta says:

    First off, I agree with all the above comments about masturbating, wives, tea bagging drums, etc..
    Second, Tim, good effort.
    Third, it isn’t necessary for me to get into all the problems of tims pass. (so i’ll just focus on one of the first ones..)
    when inside a tight rubber guard, regardless of the bottom guys strength level, when you put your hand on his strong arm to posture up, he has the option of bringing his second hand, thats holding mission control and hugging his knee, to the oposite side and hugging his shin even tighter.
    thus, in effect, he has two hands to your one hand. and, he will also not be hanging out in that position for long anyways, because he will be passing your head, like he should be doing. this negates the hand you put on his arm in the first place. i hope this helps add to the tools in your tool bag tim. (not to be confused with your tea bag..) =D