We need some help with the Rubber Guard

Ari found this for us. I think it’s an awesome way to get some feedback.

15 Responses to “We need some help with the Rubber Guard”

  1. Matthew says:

    When he gives you or you get the hand to mat on your left side in the beginning of the video, you HAVE TO hug your knee really tight. This position is New York. From there, you can pass the neck to chill dog, go to the invisible collar, then the kung fu move to jiu claw if the invisible collar doesnt work.

    When you put the foot on the hip and he stuffs your leg between his legs, there is an arm bar there. You have to pass the neck immediately when he does that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPnz_yQadUk&feature=PlayList&p=4C7188D553576FEE&playnext=1&index=12

  2. Ari Bolden says:

    After getting feed back from us and Brandon (and others), they fixed the problem and posted this video:


    I LOVE the open mindedness of these guys and they are using You Tube in a great way to get feed back from their peers…Top notch!

  3. Debacle says:

    Hug your knee+leg curls= tighter guard. Fundamentals. Double-bagger ,when your ready,then he’s stuck.

  4. Euphrates says:

    Armbar him. Regardless if it’s the Rubber Guard or an high guard, if he is exposing his arms to you like that, take the armbar.

  5. Erik says:

    I have been facing this issue when fighting a well known brown belt at our academy. It counters my RG.

    I agree with Debacle, a tighter RG helps (not necessarily double bagger)

    I disagree with Euphrates. When the knee is up in your butt or in your guard you cannot attack because the knee compromises your position as soon as you move. You cannot armbar with the knee there even with the arms fairly exposed.

    For the pass, tightness should help, going for triangles, meat hook, and forcing your leg into the middle to go to the Carni if you can clear the arm before he goes for that pass. If he drops his arm to your loose ankle there, you should be able to take advantage of it.

  6. New Zealand says:

    Well seems like he needs to hug his knee that’ll stop the guy from pulling his arm out. That would be the obvious thing to fix his problem. Now for the passing the leg if the guy tries to pin my leg down and step over I usually leg curl his back or go straight for the crackhead control. It makes it easy to go for the double bagger before clearing the neck and do whatever

  7. New Zealand says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention one thing I always try not to be square with my opponent by turning a bit it makes it easier to sink the gogoplata and kick to the jiu claw. Also it puts the opponent on a weird angle so it’s harder for him to work on something. At least that’s what I’ve noticed lately

  8. Dave says:

    I personally believe that I am one of the top “knee up your ass” practitioners in the entire 10th Planet System, and I am telling you, you can get armbarred doing it. The knee blocks the armbar when you do it in a traditional guard, but when you do that in mission control, you’re still broken down. Your arm is brutally exposed at that moment; there’s about 5 armbar variants that he can hit.

    That said, the problem with this video is not that the guy is not armbarring, it’s the hugging the knee thing that everyone else says. Also, his opponent has a horseshoe balding pattern, which is probably the toughest hairdo to deal with. It’s a very strong defensive hairdo.

  9. Erik says:

    Why should he be hugging the knee in Mission Control? Don’t you first hug the knee in New York, after clearing the arm? He’s not even in New York yet, he’s saying, and he gets the knee in the butt.

  10. Dan Hunt says:

    I ALWAYS hug the knee in mission control ’cause it makes it tighter. When you go mission or crackhead, the habit of hugging the knee regardless of the location of your opponent’s hand will allow you to skip the hand-to-the-mat step sometimes (a.k.a. Zombie, Exhumer, etc.) ’cause if his hand leaves your body for a split second while being broken down, it’s trapped. No reaction time needed – hug it just in case. Worst case scenario is that your mission control is ridiculously tight.

  11. Lazy Jits says:

    Also, don’t forget to jack-off frequently to improve your grip. This is very important.

  12. Helio Gracie says:

    Hello guys, Helio Gracie here.

    What I am seeing here is a passive/lazy Rubber Guard. Don’t simply stay in Mission Control. Use Zombie to progress to New York/Chill Dog. As for the passing, as soon as your opponent stuffs your right foot, hit the Carni.

    As the founder of BJJ, I know a thing or two about grappling.

  13. Debacle says:

    I underestimated this escape. That titty control is serious, watch him, he really grabs them puppies.This makes it difficult,but still possible, to establish New York. Combined with the knee in your taint, its pretty rough to hug your knee. Zombie fast and hard to get to New York is what ive figured out, it gets rid of that titty control. All in all, I think its a good stategy to use when your in someone’s mission control. A really advanced RG won’t have much problem with it, but all of us mortals better have a counter or else he’s out or passed. Coach Alder, Brandon, Ari,… little help.?.

  14. if you buttered your nipples, it would disturb his titty control, then you can prolly work on getting his hand to the mat