Brent and Alder: Homer Simpson

17 Responses to “Brent and Alder: Homer Simpson”

  1. Eddie Bravo´s wife says:

    Who´s the guy that invented that Homer Simpson shit!! It really, really works.
    (The name already is so cool)
    Homer simpson 4 life!!

  2. New Zealand says:

    Matt Groening ?

  3. Eddie Bravo´s wife says:


  4. Matt G says:

    Isnt this a half guard sweep that jeff glover does, with the gi. I think it was called the paragon sweep???

  5. New Zealand says:

    Yeah it is.
    John B. Will was teaching it a few years back and was called the “koala bear”

  6. matt g says:

    at any rate its still a great sweep. I get it in training, but i need to remember to really push with my foot up into the body after clearing the leg

  7. JayC says:

    It works! Love it, thanks :)

  8. pacificflows says:

    Eddie’s wife posts on here? Craaazy shit, man.

  9. alder says:

    Jeff Glover came to 10th Planet and showed a few of us this sweep, and it’s been catching on like wild fire!

  10. dustedNdisgusted says:

    when I get caught with the homer simpson one his great quotes comes to mind.. “I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.” doh!!

  11. LeTron Jackson says:

    Bread and butter baby. It works a lot man.

  12. done a couple privates with JGlover. there are a few transitions that can be done, trapping the arm to twister side, single leg, back door, front door…its very versatile. I play with it sometimes:)

  13. Tim Pauwels says:

    Homer Simpson is so hilarious! I think I’ve seen almost all episodes!