Darce to Americana 2

If opponent is past the half guard, brandon quick shows a counter to the d’arce. It’s a sweep with an Americana finish

4 Responses to “Darce to Americana 2”

  1. i must be a loser, no one likes these:(

  2. Baby Wipe says:

    They both look applicable to me – do have anywhere you show how to secure the Darce while in the lockdown, what your opponent was doing for in pt 1?

  3. Debacle says:

    Its not that people dont like your move, its that you don’t really leave much to add. You have the credentials that all these RGPD vids don’t so then we all chime in. I drilled Karo’s version in his book from his reverse scarf(modified northsouth) and loved it. Worked in junction with the executioner, anyway, love how you found it from a darce counter, which before the mechanic, used to be my mortal enemy and now i can sub him to. fuckn sweet. One of those thats hard to catch sweaty though, but if the arms deep its over.

  4. Debacle says:

    I mean WE dont have much to add, and I’m not kissin your ass. But we should hang out some time…I mean.. I like your moves. Man this is awkward and I’m just rambling. All I’m trying to say is, that if your a loser, it’s not cause of the video.