Denny Prokopos Using Rubber Guard @ Grapplers Quest.

23 Responses to “Denny Prokopos Using Rubber Guard @ Grapplers Quest.”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    Awesome work Denny!

  2. PacifcFlows says:

    Strictly business from the start to the finish.

  3. Shanghai says:

    too legit, hella tight game mang

  4. Erik says:

    I hope you guys don’t just think I’m a Negative Nancy, but I come to 10thPW for critique of rubber guard so I’m always looking for error or improvement (and I definitely need to make a video to have up for critique).

    Denny is, of course, a fantastic 10thP System player and when I rolled with him in December he caught me in a nasty guillotine.

    However, in the 1st match of this video Denny goes through the standard rubber guard motions. But he doesn’t use hip movement, gaining angles on his opponent. This is a valid critique I hear people make of the Rubber Guard, that practitioners neglect making proper angles and hip movement. I would think to myself “Maybe Rubber Guard doesn’t Require the same type of hip movement” but when I see videos of Eddie using RG, he is always scooted off to the side of his victim.

    So what do you guys think the place of hip movement and angles in the Rubber Guard is? Is Denny using them here? Does Eddie use them?

  5. Panchito Manuelo says:

    What´s the name of the hook that he uses in the triangle of da 1st match?

  6. Panchito Manuelo says:

    …da one to his opponent´s left shoulder?

  7. Hip Movement says:

    Hello. Hip Movement here. Yes, I am a very important component of the Rubber Guard. Even if you are super-flexible, you still need me.

  8. Noah Karbach says:

    that is a wicked finish by Denny in that triangle ive not seen that before. Id like to know more about it.

    Great job Denny!

  9. Debacle says:

    Panchito my friend. That is exactly what you called it, an under hook on the untrapped arm. Wrap your other arm around his head then lock you hands with an “s” or gable grip, and a squeeeeze. Great when his trapped hand is on the mat or huggin your back. If you have trouble you can combo with tha tee-pee going back and forth between th two. L8r bro

  10. Shanghai says:

    its technically called the “clamp”. theres a video out there…ill look around

  11. Cliff says:

    That’s the way it’s done, Denny! Last time he was at Legends, he taught that finish and mentioned he got it from Jake Shields’ brother, I believe.

  12. Debacle says:

    When rolling outside of your weight class(bigger guys) cats still might not tap. Try switchin your triangle (figure four your other leg) then clamp your unfigured knee and his head and fall on your side away from your figure four adding shit tons of pressure because it uses gravity. Super tight and keeps him guessin.
    Ala Marcelo Garcia. ON youtube

  13. New Zealand says:

    Yeah the video I posted on youtube is called “the Clamp” but I fucked the name up apparently it’s called the clemens but I prefer my version :)

  14. Matt Hurpees says:

    Ryan Hall is also a big advocate of the “Clamp” or clemens or whatever it’s called.

  15. Panchito Manuelo says:

    That´s exactly my doubt. Is da clamp or da clemens, or like my man Debacle (tu casa es my casa men) and i call it: da under hook on the untrapped arm. I mean, maybe is not important at all, i just want 2 know, U feel me?. Peace…

  16. New Zealand says:

    Well I named a move !

  17. Debacle says:

    Panchito, yeah we feel you, all tha responses are answers to your question. It’s not that it’s important or not, it’s that it’s effective and saves energy if you can “clamp” it on. There are many ways to skin a cat (finish a triangle), this is my favorite when available tho. Especially when the trapped arm is not across my body.

  18. Panchito Manuelo says:

    So, its named da clamp… right? hahahaha