10th Planet DFW: Japanese Necktie

“brandon quick showing a Japanese Necktie! A sick, fast and super hard choke. You must try this!! All credit to MMA RG king Shinya Aoki”

9 responses to “10th Planet DFW: Japanese Necktie”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    Love it Brandon, I was playing with it yesterday. Do you switch the hands at all or do you just finsih it with the gable, like you hand in the vice grip?

  2. JayC says:

    He finishes it with the Gable I think.

  3. Dave says:

    I just finish it with the gable; my hand position never changes from setup to finish. And Brandon’s not kidding about this thing – if done right, it’s the fastest tap I’ve ever gotten.

  4. Herm says:

    That looks durrty 😉 I will have to try this tonight!

  5. greg from the future says:

    i like it a lot

  6. Scott Elkin says:

    Let’s drill it tonight instead of whatever lame technique “Coach” goes over.

  7. I dont switch the grip…I stay gable. Since it is so sick, I have been hitting it up from multiple angles:) Tomorrow I will show the Half Guard Lockdown version…seriously nasty:) He gets trapped and tapped…
    Check it on the new DVDs…speaking of DVDs…Yo! Alder! Put up the budovideos promo por favor mi amigo!!!

  8. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Is this choke in the Fade to Black DVD? I’m buying it either way, though 😉

    Any videos to show the best way to set this up?