Chamber Lock to Swim move: 10th Planet Phoenix

“This technique is used when someone tries to get up after releasing the leg. Swim move back to the spiderweb for a re-try at sometthing else…. maybe an armcrush :)”

5 Responses to “Chamber Lock to Swim move: 10th Planet Phoenix”

  1. greg from the future says:

    im sorry to sound like a noob but whats the chamber lock do? i never seen it, i know the cutter you have to cross the leg away from the body. swim move looks dope though, gonna try it tomorrow…

  2. JayC says:

    It’s basically an arm crush where you technically footlock yourself. But it works great!

    I recommend searching youtube for it :)

  3. Dan Hunt says:

    The Chamber Lock broke my radius (forearm bone on the thumb side). It works great. Make sure you tap.

  4. greg from the future says:

    cant find any chamber lock stuffs on youtube if some one can hook me up with a link perhaps?