Half Guard/Capoeira Pass From Lockdown

3 Responses to “Half Guard/Capoeira Pass From Lockdown”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    Haah naah naah way!Haah naah naah waay naah naah!

  2. Ari Bolden says:

    This Capoeria pass is different than the one I have seen. Any insights on variations guys? The pass, as it was shown to me, uses a guillotine grab when the top guy jumps over to his side and then s grip your hands together and work out of the lockdown from there.

    I am sure both are viable…just want to make sure I am on the right page. Anyone know what I am talking about?


  3. Jason Eisner says:

    I have seen a few different variations of this pass myself. I think they all work, but this one is really, really effective. I know this because Sean has smashed me with it many, many times. :-)