Stretching For The (Rubber) Guard

People ask me all the time for a good stretching routine. I found this, it’s got a fresh beat and some good stretches. Absorb at will.

8 Responses to “Stretching For The (Rubber) Guard”

  1. josh ritchie says:

    good stuff thanks.

  2. Daniel says:

    Another great video applicable to 10th planet is one called ElasticSteel @
    The address should take you to the grappling video that I use and see great flexibility gains from.


  3. greg from the future says:

    thats roots manuva witness the fitness yo!


    Who is the armbarking they mention in the beginning of the video?

  5. Tom says:

    Whilst I love the rubber guard system, and “Mastering the Rubber Guard,” I think the stretching series in it is very poor. Eddie’s Yoga poses need adjustments — yes, sloppy. Sorry, Ed. The way he does them will injure some people. In the DVD, what Joe Rogan says about stretching is just wrong: ordinary sports stretching, the kind most of us learn in sports or at school doesn’t work for most people. Overall, the rubber guard system is very dependent on hip flexibility and range of motion. Try Pavel Tsatsouline’s system, “Relax Into Stretch.”